There May Be a Tax Refund in Your Future: TaxAct Renews Partnership with OpenFortune and Becomes Exclusive Tax Filing Partner

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NEW YORK, May 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- After a successful partnership in 2020, TaxAct®, a leading provider of digital and download tax filing software, has become the exclusive tax filing partner of OpenFortune, the media company that creates and distributes millions of branded fortune cookies to over 21,000 restaurants nationwide.

OpenFortune and TaxAct Fortune Cookie
OpenFortune and TaxAct Fortune Cookie

Through this partnership, TaxAct has the ability to educate tens of millions of tax filers dining at restaurants and ordering food delivery at home across 35 states on unique tax advantages that can help empower them to maximize their tax refunds this year.

"Partnering with OpenFortune gives us a creative avenue to reach tax filers across the country," said Curtis Campbell, TaxAct President. "Aligning with an asset that is often viewed as a unique predictor of financial wealth and happiness is an exciting way for us to continue to shed light on the financial possibilities a filer's tax return can create for them."

Fortune cookie messages have long been inspiring dinner table conversations around future health, wealth and happiness. In the age of social media, those conversations go beyond the dinner table and into the social sphere, where you see millions of fortune cookie posts per day. Brands like TaxAct see fortune cookies as the vehicle to thoughtfully and creatively join the conversation.

Historically, paper fortune slips contained a fortune message and lucky numbers on the front, while the back was blank, empty space. OpenFortune now leverages that blank space for its clients' branded content while maintaining the integrity of traditional fortune messages and lucky numbers on the front.

For example, the front of one slip reads, "You will soon stumble upon great wealth and prosperity," while the back of the slip shares a fun tax tip, "Those 27 dumplings you just ate may be tax deductible."

OpenFortune's Chief Cookie Officer, Matt Williams said, "In our second year of this partnership, TaxAct's objective of helping to create future financial prosperity for individuals continues to align so well with what we do at OpenFortune: connecting brands to the emotions of the fortune cookie."

About OpenFortune
OpenFortune is a media platform that distributes over 100 Million traditional, branded fortune cookies to its network of over 21,000 restaurants across the U.S. OpenFortune partners include Capital One, Coca-Cola, Mondelez, Zelle, Disney, Purple, Grubhub, IL Lottery and more.

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About TaxAct
TaxAct is a savvy, tax-filing solution that provides filers with affordable DIY tax software to successfully navigate the U.S. tax code. As a pioneer in the industry, TaxAct's products enable all users – regardless of profession, tax bracket or complexity of their return – to quickly and accurately file their taxes all while discovering new ways to leverage their tax situation and improve their financial well-being. At TaxAct, taxes are our expertise, but we don't see them as the end goal. Rather, we believe taxes are a stepping-stone to possibility. Possibilities that are unique as every filer. Possibilities that help each hardworking American not only claim the money they deserve but also enable them to make smart money decisions. We deliver the power of possibility through straightforward technology to help filers secure their best tax outcome and elevate their financial lives.

To learn more about TaxAct, a business of Blucora, Inc. (NASDAQ: BCOR), visit or connect with us on Facebook LinkedIn and Twitter. To learn more about Blucora, please visit

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