Masseto Estate Presents the Newest Vintage of Its Second Vin, Massetino 2020

Sharing the same genotype as its older brother Masseto means the perfect blend of power and opulence

NEW YORK, Sept. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Masseto, Italy's most collectable wine estate, is pleased to announce the release of the fourth vintage of the estate's second vin, Massetino 2020, which vaunts a clearly defined character emphasized by elegant flavors and aromas. "Massetino's strong personality is not surprising as it shares the same DNA as Masseto. Just like its older brother, power and opulence go hand in hand with discretion and classicism," explains Axel Heinz, Estate Director.

Massetino made its debut in 2017. Now, after four magnificent vintages, this fine wine is an interpreter of the extraordinary terroir where the vines yield a powerful yet elegant expression. "Ever since the inception of Masseto, the grapes have undergone the strictest selection to ensure the best possible quality. In 2017, certain Merlot and Cabernet Franc parcels still had not developed sufficient caliber to be included in Masseto, although they showed the potential and personality, alongside other elements not used in the master blend, to make a second vin: Massetino."

Massetino 2020, which will be released to market on October 1, is distinguished by an ever-changing microclimate and huge potential. After a wet and mild winter, the spring started slowly, protecting the buds from much-feared frost. A rainy June preceded a prolonged spell of drought and high temperatures until the end of August. The dry conditions prompted a superb, quick, yet even veraison. Rainfall in late August restored the required balance and lowered the temperatures. With swings in day-to-night temperatures, perfect conditions were created for the Merlot to complete the ripening, maintaining the freshness of the grapes. The Merlot was harvested in the first half of September, immediately followed by the Cabernet Franc.

Every parcel was vinified separately to guarantee the identity of each grape variety and vineyard section. Spontaneous fermentation took place in concrete vats using native yeasts aimed at minimizing human intervention and upholding the utmost respect of the grapes. The malolactic fermentation, on the other hand, occurred in 50% new oak barriques. After 12 months of aging, the wine was blended and returned to the barriques for another three months prior to bottling, providing the time needed for each separate detail to become part of the elegant symphony of flavors and aromas.

Winemaker Gaia Cinnirella describes the colors, flavors and bouquet as "a perfect blend of power and opulence on the finish that displays the typical traits of the 2020 vintage. The deep purple hue immediately stands out at first sight, ready to show a strong identity. Ripe cherries and forest floor are discerned on the nose and pair perfectly with the crunchiness and freshness of the fruit in the mouth." Massetino embodies the genetic makeup of a place where nature never ceases to amaze every year, always revealing new prospects for the future.

About Masseto –
Masseto is the name for a unique wine, vineyard and estate. The potential of the slope where the vineyard stands on the Tuscan coast was sensed in the early 1980s when the first vines were planted, contrary to all predictions, advice and local tradition. The intuition paid off. The blue clay, cool coastal breezes and excellent refraction of light guaranteed by the Mediterranean Sea contribute to the intriguing mix of power, elegance and complexity that distinguishes this Tuscan red. Since the 2017 harvest, Masseto has been accompanied by a second wine, Massetino. Both derive from the estate's philosophy centered on utmost respect for the fruit and minimal intervention in the vineyard.

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