Marvin Bagley's dad tweets at Kings to trade his son 'ASAP'

Sacramento Kings big man Marvin Bagley III is probably having a long talk with his dad, Marvin Bagley Jr., on Sunday about what is and is not appropriate to tweet on Twitter.

The elder Bagley runs the Twitter account Team Bagley, and he did something after the Kings’ 102-94 loss to the Houston Rockets that probably made young Marvin cringe: He tweeted at the Kings to trade his son.

It appears that Bagley’s playing time is what spurred his dad to tweet that. Not his overall playing time, because Bagley played 25 minutes in Saturday night’s game and finished with 12 points, nine rebounds and two assists, but his fourth quarter playing time. He played less than two minutes in the fourth quarter, something his dad was also upset about after Thursday’s Kings-Rockets game. Bagley didn’t play at all in the fourth quarter of that game, and dad was not happy about it.

It’s a bad look for an NBA player’s dad to be tweeting at his son’s team asking for a trade, so Papa Bagley deleted that tweet. But it appears he couldn’t resist referring to it, because he retweeted a tweet that contains a screenshot of his deleted trade tweet.

Does that defeat the purpose of deleting the tweet? Most definitely.

Luke Walton responds

Head coach Luke Walton was asked about Papa Bagley’s deleted tweet at his postgame media session, and he did the only thing he really could: deny that anyone on the team listens to or cares about it.

“My message is always the same -- we don’t listen to any of that. It’s us within these walls, us within this locker room. We’re in this together. Like I always say, good or bad, we’ve got to do everything we can to not let that affect what we’re trying to get done here.”


Walton also addressed Bagley’s dad’s main complaint, that his son isn’t getting enough fourth quarter playing time.

“We know [Bagley] has a very bright future, but we’re going to continue to be patient, continue to teach, continue to work with him on all of that stuff, but he’s doing a nice job,” Walton said via NBC Sports Bay Area.

Bagley, the second overall draft pick in 2018, played just 13 games last season due to a thumb fracture, and a foot injury prevented him from playing in the bubble. The 3-3 Kings are taking it slow with him. While that’s probably frustrating for Bagley’s dad to watch, tweeting at the team Twitter account isn’t going to fix it. In fact, it’s probably just going to make it worse.

Marvin Bagley's father might be a little too active on Twitter. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Marvin Bagley's father might be a little too active on Twitter. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

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