Marketing Authority Marco Calamassi Reveals The Latest Trends

MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / April 20, 2020 / Renowned online entrepreneur and marketing star Marco Calamassi reveals that the rapid rise of social media has pushed many, if not all, brands into attempting to solidify a powerful online presence to maximize direct-to-consumer sales.

This demand has led to cut throat competition as companies aggressively seek for attention on the internet. Due to this, it has become very difficult for a brand to reach its consumer audience without being too pushy and salesy. Reason why marketers have now moved from the invasive self promotional methods of the last century to more subtle inbound techniques such as influencer marketing.

As Marco Calamassi says social media influencers are defined by the numbers on their scoreboard, their social media followers in this case. Often friendly and outgoing, they are considered to be experts in their niche categories - such as gaming or cooking or fitness.

Unlike the Hollywood celebrities of today, influencers do not hide behind a veil of mystery. They use the accessibility and openness provided by social media to personally connect with their audience. This direct connection allows them to win their trust and be able to influence.

Instead of being put on a pedestal, influencers are real life consumers who share their knowledge and experience with real people. They hold the capacity to influence their followers' choices and actions. Brands attempt to leverage this trust and influence to help them connect with their target consumers. They use influencers to increase awareness of the company and promote sales.

The internet has no shortage of influencers; you can find bloggers, activists, photographers, celebrities who use various social media platforms to connect with their fans. Instagram alone has more than half a million influencers.

Influencer marketing has rapidly risen to be one of the most crucial marketing strategies and Marco Calamassi's BrandsBuilder was founded for such reason.

In 2017, 86% of marketers used influencer marketing at some point. Moreover, in the last three years, searches for the term "influencer marketing" rose by 1500%.

This collaboration worked well for both parties. Marketers got the exposure and brand engagement they needed while influencers were paid for their work.

However, in the recent past, there has been a shift in the game. Too many influencers, smaller payouts. Because of this, influencers were now more cautious about accepting deals from other companies and focusing more on themselves.

What does this mean?

Ifluencers are noticing the drawbacks of a pay per post business model. After realizing the power they hold in their social media following, the next step looks obvious. They will not stick to be the "face" or pitchmen of others' brands or products. Instead, they hold the power to become a brand themselves. And entrepreneurs. Similar to how Oprah Winfrey and Martha Steward in the 20th century became moguls by utilizing TV and the press to push their products and brands that revolved around their lifestyle, influencers of today have the chance to make the next shift through social media platforms. So the question is, why promoting others' products when they can promote their own?

There is no doubt that the big brands of the future will be created by social media influencers. The internet's initial wave gave us Google, Amazon, and Netflix. The second wave brought us Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram. The third round seems to belong in the hands of these social media stars who can transform their following into long lasting companies .

A major problem that many social media influencers face is the lack of business know-how. While they are excellent at driving engagement on social media and boosting their image online, they lack the skills and market knowledge to successfully utilize that power into launching a brand of their own with success. Everyone dreams of having a billion dollar ecommerce business but it is not smooth sailing, at all.

This is where come into play. Possessing the experience, industry knowledge as well as the marketing capabilities, entrepreneur Marco Calamassi and his team of content creators, coders, designers , marketers and product developers help influencers move from brands sponsorship to building their own brand and launching it successfully. They help any influencer with a sizable social media following to achieve great financial outcomes. With majority of them lacking the entrepreneurial background and the skills to manage finances and corporate relationships, Brandsbuilder is a wonderful asset for any influencer looking to leverage his social following.


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