Mark Cuban shares another step of Delonte West's recovery: 'He is climbing'

Jack Baer
·1 min read

Former NBA player Delonte West continues to make progress on the road to recovery.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban shared two more photos of the player on Tuesday, saying that West is taking the right steps. West can be seen kayaking and with acquaintances playing frisbee.

Photos of West panhandling in the Dallas area started circulating in late September, and led to calls for someone to help the eight-year NBA veteran. West was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2008, and has had a turbulent life since his basketball career ended in 2015.

Cuban himself stepped in, contacting West’s mother Delphina Addison and asking how he could help. West played a single year with Mavericks, his last in the NBA during the 2011-12 season.

After finding West and personally picking him up, Cuban waited with West until Addison arrived and helped the player check into a rehab facility.

Now, West appears to be doing better in rehab.

Hopefully, that progress continues.

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