Manitowoc adds Potain MCT 135 to growing topless tower crane lineup in Asia range

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  • Two options are available, with either a 6 t or 8 t maximum capacity

  • Its compact, versatile design enables operation in close proximity to other cranes.

SHANGHAI, Aug. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Manitowoc's facility in Zhangjiagang, China, is continuing to respond to customer demand for powerful yet compact and cost-effective tower cranes with the introduction of a new model towards the lower end of its growing topless Potain range. The latest addition is the MCT 135, available in 6 t (H6) and 8 t (H8) versions, with a maximum jib length of 60 m and a height under hook of up to 50.9 m.

The Cost-effective, intelligent, and compact MCT 135 offers a popular choice for contractors.
The Cost-effective, intelligent, and compact MCT 135 offers a popular choice for contractors.

Engineered with urban and infrastructure projects in mind, the crane benefits from an intelligent, compact design, with its complete top section including maximum jib traveling in just five containers. Once erected – a simple process that can be achieved in under 1.5 days on a well-prepared site – the MCT 135's topless design enables it to comfortably operate alongside several similar cranes.

Quick and easy

Increasing the MCT 135's suitability for tight working conditions is the option of two counter-jib set-ups. With the full 15.2 m counter-jib, 1.5 t can be lifted at the 60 m jib end by both the H6 and H8 models. With the shorter 12.6 m counter-jib the H6 model lifts 2 t at 55 m, while the H8 will lift 1.9 t at 55 m. For optimum flexibility, the seven jib sections allow owners to tailor the crane in configurations offering 30 m to 60 m of horizontal reach.

As expected, performance is another key focus with the crane offering impressive lift ability across the entire load curve. The crane's maximum capacity of 8 t can be lifted out to 15.3 m when working with the full jib, or out to 17.6 m with a 40 m jib.

The latest frequency-controlled mechanisms ensure lifting operations are conducted at an optimal rate, whether through high-speed movements for material transfer or super slow speeds for precise positioning.

Multiple mechanism choice

The H8 benefits from the 40 LVFC 20-1 Optima hoist that also features on the MCT 185 which launched in March. The hoist allows the MCT 135 to raise 1 t at up to 98 m/min, and 4 t at 40.5 m/min via its 30 kW motor. Benefiting from the continuously variable speed control, both models now offer a 25% increase in lowering speeds compared with earlier Potain models in this capacity class fitted with standard non-Optima hoists.

Designed to offer a long service life, and featuring a five-year warranty on structural parts, the new tower crane has undergone extensive testing right from the design stage at Manitowoc's Product Verification Center in the Zhangjiagang plant. The Potain MCT 135 is available across a range of markets, including Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand.

SOURCE Manitowoc

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