Manager faces backlash over ‘insane’ method for firing employees: ‘You handled it horribly’

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The general manager of a home goods store is second-guessing their choice to fire an employee in a group chat.

He went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” to let others weigh in. On his day off, he noticed what looked like an employee stealing from the store. After conducting an investigation, he determined his hunch was correct. While the employee was out sick, he texted the work group chat to tell her that she was fired. 

“I was on my day off and running errands at a couple of stores in the same plaza as the store I manage,” the Reddit poster said. “As I was leaving the parking lot I saw one of my employees hurrying from the store, in uniform, mask pulled down, holding two of our shopping bags and one other large item that was too big for a bag. Next day, based on the information I found I can only conclude the employee was stealing from the store. The employee in question has had the last five days off and was supposed to work this afternoon closing the store.” 

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When the employee texted the group chat, he decided to give her the bad news with all her coworkers watching. 

“The employee texted the group yesterday asking for coverage for today’s shift because she was very sick and didn’t anticipate being well by this afternoon,” he wrote. “I responded to her message with, ‘Don’t worry about finding coverage, we’re good, and don’t worry about future shifts either because you are no employed at our store due to your actions.’ A few minutes later she texted with, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about, can you call me or text me privately?’ In the group chat I have with just the assistant store managers and myself, they all voiced their dissatisfaction at what had happened in the larger group text. The consensus seems to be that I should have fired her privately.” 

Reddit users thought the general manager was in the wrong. 

“That’s insane behavior,” someone wrote. 

“You handled it horribly,” another said

“This was incredibly unprofessional,” a user stated. 

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