Man sparks debate after sharing idea for ‘wasted’ engagement ring: ‘Fair game’

A man broke up with his fiancée and kept her engagement ring. But his future plans for the ring made his ex furious. He went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to see if he was in the wrong. He and his fiancée broke up during lockdown much to her dismay. Later he found her engagement ring in the garbage and fished it out. A month later, a mutual friend of his and the ex told him she regretted chucking the ring. “I told the friend that I’d fished it out and planned on repurposing it in a few years. Now both the friend and my ex are saying I’m an a******”. “that turning it into something else is disrespectful to her and the relationship and that I have no right”. Most people agreed that the ex didn’t have a right to be upset after throwing it away. “She threw it out… in the trash. It really doesn’t get more disrespectful than that,” another commented