Man dramatically takes revenge on his allegedly cheating ex-girlfriend

When your friend breaks up with their significant other, you have two options. You can remind your friend that breakups are a part of life or you can blindly support them and condemn the ex. TikTok user Ivan Cervantes, who goes by the username elhispanic100, went with the latter —. He shared a video in which one of his friends dismantles his allegedly cheating girlfriend’s hardwood with a floor scraper. “When your gf cheats but you paid for her floor,” Cervantes wrote in the caption. Most people found the friend’s dramatic reaction to be completely acceptable. “She has lost floor privileges,” one user wrote. In yet another video, Cervantes shared more details about the breakup and what motivated his friend to go to such extremes. He said that his friend had been dating the ex for three years and thought he was going to marry her — but then he learned she cheated. “Since you already walked all over my boy’s heart, have fun walking over nothing,” Cervantes said in a final message to the ex