Man calls out girlfriend over her ‘ridiculous’ household decoration: ‘I don’t feel at home

A boyfriend doesn’t feel at home with his live-in girlfriend because of her decor choices. He went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” to discuss the matter. After moving into his girlfriend’s place, she wouldn’t allow him to hang any artwork. “But since moving my entire life out of my apartment and up into the attic here, I haven’t been allowed to hang a single piece of art. Or anything, anywhere," the user said. One day the girlfriend brought home a Vegemite jigsaw puzzle. “I ask ‘what is this?’ It’s a gift from a friend, she says. I say, ‘Great. You’re not hanging that up,” the boyfriend said. “Cue a giant fight, where I basically tell her this is not my house at all, it’s her house and I’m just a guest. And your friend doesn’t get to hang something in this house before I do, end of story,” he concluded. Reddit users didn’t quite understand why the girlfriend was behaving this way. “It should be a place for both of you, not just her!” someone said