The making of Mecca's holy Kaaba cover

STORY: This is the most expensive cloth in Islam

It’s the cover for Mecca’s holy Kaaba

The embroidered cloth is known as the Kiswa

It’s made from silver and gold-plated threads

and adorned with verses from the Koran

at a cost of 25 million Saudi riyals ($6,650,000)

Sami Mzayen, Supervisor at Kiswa factory:

"The cloth of the holy Kaaba is made out of 56 golden pieces that covers it. Here in the department we have around 115 Saudi employees who are trained in making the embroidery for the Holy Kaaba. It takes around ten working months to make just one cloth."

"To be honest I can’t describe the feelings I have when I watch the Kaaba’s cloth being replaced every year. To see something we worked on and our goal achieved on the day of the replacement, that feeling (is great)."