What Makes QC Kinetix (Lafayette) Sports Medical Lafayette Different from Other Treatments

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Lafayette, LA - (NewMediaWire) - August 18, 2022 - via QC Kinetix -- QC Kinetix (Lafayette) is harnessing the power of regenerative medicine as an alternative treatment to surgery for patients suffering from chronic pain and sports injuries. The choice of the clinic is compelling for many patients because it hosts board-certified physicians and offers personalized noninvasive treatment without surgery and concierge-level service. Patients visiting the clinic include those with knee pain, pain due to sports injuries, wrist pain, joint pain due to arthritis, elbow pain, low back pain, and more. From the onset, QC Kinetix (Lafayette) believes in providing first-class services, thanks to a highly trained medical team that utilizes the latest treatment techniques to offer the best patient care. A free consultation is provided to help the team learn more about the patient's conditions.

The providers working at QC Kinetix (Lafayette) understand the impact pain can have on the patient's life, which is why they have made it possible for many people to access non-surgical treatments. These biologic therapies align with the clinic's goal of helping patients return to active lifestyles faster and safely. The strategically located pain control clinic is among the many multilocational QC Kinetix clinics dotted around the country that work tirelessly to alleviate pain and inflammation.

The patient experience at QC Kinetix (Lafayette) is top-notch since it is backed by concierge level-service throughout the treatment duration. Patients are also treated with the highest level of respect and are educated about their condition and the various treatment protocols provided. Popular treatments include Natural Treatment Protocols and Class IV Laser, which utilizes targeted laser energy to treat the affected area. The laser works by creating a photochemical response that reduces pain, improves function and enhances oxygen delivery to the tissues. Natural treatment protocols are often deployed to treat joint and soft tissue pain. It may be supplemented by cellular matrix components that offer structural support, natural joint lubricant hyaluronic acid, and growth factors that promote tissue repair and healing.

The pain control clinic is happy to introduce regenerative medicine, a new and exciting area of medicine where biologic substances from the patient are used to combat inflammation and promote the healing and repair of tissues. For patients suffering from hip pain, the experienced medical team will begin the intervention by getting the right diagnosis after examining the patient's medical history and physical capabilities. Suggested interventions for treating hip pain include an anti-inflammatory diet, cold-pack application, physical therapy, and rest. The medical team uses orthobiologic injections sourced from the patient's body's natural healing compounds to promote healing and ensure a quick return to daily activities without worrying about hip pain. Learn more about their Lafayette office by visiting the clinic's website.

A growing number of patients visiting QC Kinetix are those who have been told invasive surgery is the only option available for getting well. The clinic also works with patients who have tried other treatments to eliminate pain and immobility but to no avail. QC Kinetix also sells joint pain relief supplements to help users regain their lives. Preferred members enjoy attractive discounts such as an additional 50% off on the first order with a promo code. The two popular supplements available on demand are QC Kinetix Joint & Bone Health and QC Knietx Men's Health. The parent franchise QC Kinetix has partnered with professional football legend Emmitt Smith to introduce the new, top-of-the-range supplements.

The pain control physicians at QC Kinetix (Lafayette) can be contacted at (337) 243-4222. Their clinic is located at 105 Patriot Avenue, Suite 204, Lafayette, LA, 70508. Video testimonials of patients undergoing treatment or recovering are posted on the company website to give would-be patients a first-hand look at the outcome. A no-obligation consultation between the in-house doctor and patient provides an opportunity to undertake the necessary tests and gauge whether regenerative medicine is appropriate.

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