Maid of honor stunned by bride’s ‘ridiculous’ wedding day demand

A bride banned her maid of honor from wearing makeup at the wedding. The maid of honor asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for help. She’s a makeup artist and feels her best wearing a full face. When the bride didn’t want to be “overshadowed” at her wedding, she forbade the Reddit poster from wearing makeup. “I told her that was ridiculous, it’s a wedding, everyone will be wearing makeup and I won’t look good or properly dressed up in the photos if I don’t”. “I am significantly more attractive with makeup on and in all honestly, I lack confidence without it. I also have a scar on my face that I hide with makeup” . “In the past, my friend has made MANY comments about my appearance and my makeup to men I’ve been interested in. She says things like, ‘you should see her without makeup’” . “She absolutely refuses to compromise, despite not being able to answer why I specifically can’t wear makeup but everyone else can…”. Reddit users thought the bride was way out of line. “This person is not your friend. At all,” one person wrote. “It sounds like this friend hates you,” someone commented

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