Mad genius Andy Reid comes up with a creative play, Patrick Mahomes throws an underhanded TD

Frank Schwab
·2 mins read

Andy Reid might have been sitting on this play for a while.

The Kansas City Chiefs coach, who used a play he saw from the 1948 Rose Bowl on a key fourth down in last season’s Super Bowl, had another trick up his sleeve for Monday night’s huge showdown against the Baltimore Ravens. The Chiefs won, 34-20.

The Chiefs lined up with Tyreek Hill very deep in the backfield and fullback Anthony Sherman at a wingback position. The play flowed to the right, the defense followed and Sherman acted like he was blocking.

Sherman spun to the inside, and Patrick Mahomes threw an underhanded shovel pass to him for the TD. It was pretty in all ways.

Andy Reid looks down at his playcard while wearing a face shield.
Chiefs coach Andy Reid had a fun play ready for the Ravens. (Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Reid also broke out a quadruple stack formation in the first quarter, something the NFL hasn’t seen in four years, according to Next Gen Stats.

Mahomes might throw hundreds of touchdowns in his career the conventional way, but he might not get too many throwing submarine style. Or maybe he’ll get a few more if Reid keeps cooking up some special plays in the offseason.

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