LuckyBolt Connects With Local Farmers to Bring Sustainable Farm-to-Table Meals to Eco- and Health-Conscious Consumers

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SAN DIEGO, Jan. 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LuckyBolt is now partnered with more than 10 local San Diego farms to bring their customers fresh food that brings accountability to their diet.

How can someone know if they're eating "good food"? In short, it's food they don't need to question, said Small Business Owner Kris Schlesser. "Unless you know how your ingredients are raised and prepared, you don't really know what you're consuming."

Since 2011, Schlesser has been on a mission to make local farm-raised food more accessible through LuckyBolt. The company sources organic, environmentally sustainable ingredients directly from the source, then makes and delivers prepared meals throughout San Diego County.

"Maintaining a diet of good food is a lifestyle choice that means consuming honest, clean meals crafted with care using fresh ingredients from local farms that practice healthy agriculture," said Schlesser. "We admire homegrown food because it offers consumers the complete transparency of knowing their food was sourced entirely through a local supply chain."

Schlesser's team uses a true farm-to-table approach to source ingredients by building close relationships with local farmers to understand how each ingredient is raised. For example, LuckyBolt uses chicken and eggs that are pasture-raised on local farms, as well as grass-fed beef that's regeneratively raised, a farming practice that focuses on restoring the soil's health. In addition to sustainably raised proteins, LuckyBolt's customers also enjoy a wide variety of fresh seasonal produce, thanks to San Diego's abundance of farms and its year-round growing season.

"Our customers see the value of putting quality ingredients in their bodies and want to help small businesses as well as the environment," he said. "They are both eco-conscious and health-conscious."

LuckyBolt holds itself to the high standard of consistently transforming quality ingredients into nourishing dishes that support the health of the local community. Offerings include a meal prep service that delivers different specials each week, typically served in family-style portions that feed two to three adults. The meals are well-balanced with cooked proteins, veggies, whole grains, and usually come with a fresh salad.

In addition, LuckyBolt offers a popular line of frozen items, including vegan mushroom Bolognese and smoky lentil soup, pasture-raised chicken soup, beef Bolognese and beef stew. All items are packaged in biodegradable vacuum-sealed containers and delivered in bags made of 100% recycled paper.

After more than a decade of experience, LuckyBolt continues to elevate the customer experience by improving recipes and finding new ways to use ingredients. The talented culinary team also produces pickles and fermented products that customers can stock in their home pantry.

"Knowing what San Diego has to offer in terms of the variety of local farms, it really is a treasure that we want to share with others," Schlesser said. "Raising awareness about locally sourced food is embedded in what we do and goes beyond being conscious about what consumers are putting in their bodies. It's also about being involved in the community."

To learn more about how to support local farms and get access to good food, visit: or call 619-940-7191

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