Love Hulten’s latest synth project has a rainbow puke MIDI visualizer

·1 min read
Love Hulten

Love Hulten is fond of strange synthesizer projects, but his latest might be his most ambitious to date. The artist has unveiled a Doodlestation synth deck whose centerpiece display visualizes MIDI audio as rainbow puke — if you're playing, the poor person on-screen is likely hurling. Don't worry about that novelty fading away, though, as there are some surprisingly practical features.

Most of the space is occupied by a Sequential OB-6 analog synth (with a custom keybed), a Moog DFAM percussion synth and a Hologram Microcosm effects pedal. You'll also find a theremin setup, though, and you can add tape echo through a system that shows the tape bouncing around. Built-in speakers and a handy patch cord drawer also minimize clutter.

Like other Love Hulten projects, the Doodlestation is a one-off design. You aren't about to buy one for your studio. Still, this shows that synth suites don't have to be boring — this is equipment you might be proud to show to your fellow musicians.