Take a Look Inside Emma Chamberlain's New Home in LA

Emma Chamberlain is the latest star to be featured in Architectural Digest's home tour series.

The YouTube star and Chamberlain Coffee founder invited viewers into her new home in Los Angeles, introducing the space built in the 1950s. Designed by Ashley Drost and Marie Trohman of Proem Studio, her home is filled with warm colors and soft tones, with her father Michael Chamberlain's artworks decorating all of her rooms.

Standout design elements in her home include a Trueing Studio chandelier, which hangs above a Martin Massé dining table. "I think I love it because it looks so soft, but it's hard. That's something I love -- I love when something's made of hard material but it still finds a way to look soft. I feel like that's so magical," she shares, adding that the table will probably be used for crafts rather than actual dining.

Watch Chamberlain's home tour above and take a closer look inside the space at Architectural Digest.