Longmont police: Homemade explosive device found in Garden Acres Park on Thursday

Kelsey Hammon, Daily Times-Call, Longmont, Colo.
·1 min read

Mar. 7—Longmont police say they found a homemade explosive device made of a lime juice container in Garden Acres Park on Thursday morning.

Longmont police Deputy Chief Jeff Satur said a neighbor who lives near the park at 2058 Spencer St. reported to police he heard a "boom" about 10 p.m. Wednesday night.

The next morning, an exploded lime juice container with black powder inside it was discovered in the park. Satur said police think the black powder may be gunpowder, though it hasn't yet been confirmed.

Satur said the homemade device burned a roughly 2-foot circumference of grass east of the park pavilion. He said no one was injured and nothing else was damaged.

"It's extremely risky to mess around with these devices," Satur said. "If you do something wrong, you could injure yourself or others."

Police haven't yet identified any suspects, he said. The person or people involved could potentially face charges of possession and manufacturing an explosive device, a class 4 felony, according to Satur. Anyone with information on the situation can call the Longmont police's nonemergency dispatch number at 303-651-8501.