Longmont-area real estate, commercial deals, Feb. 28, 2021

Daily Times-Call, Longmont, Colo.
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Feb. 28—Trust deeds

This list includes trust deeds (to secure repayment of A. loan) of $750,000 or more. Information includes the borrower, lender, address or legal description of the property, date the trust deed was filed and amount.

700 Weaver Park Road LLC, Umb Bk, 700 Weaver Park Road, Longmont, 02/09/2021, $1,440,000.00

Cannon Trail LLC, Elevations Credit Union, multiple properties, 02/09/2021, $873,080.00

Core 102 LLC, Security Service Federal Credit Union, 822 S. Sherman St., Longmont, 02/10/2021, $765,930.00

Don R. and Jayme Sue Martin, Commerce Home Mortgage LLC, multiple properties, 02/08/2021, $848,500.00

Froc Partners LLC, First Natl Bk Omaha, 1610 Dry Creek Drive, Longmont, 02/11/2021, $10,657,774.10

Ivy Cic Property LLC, A10 Capital LLC, 120 Ninth Ave., Longmont, 02/08/2021, $7,900,000.00

Kevin Scott Morningstar, Firstbank, 9302 Tollgate Drive, Longmont, 02/09/2021, $960,000.00

Matthew K. and Sarah E. Napier, Live Oak Bk Co., 1972 Amethyst Drive, Longmont, 02/08/2021, $1,175,000.00

R. Kenneth and Robert K. and Sarah S. Dulin, Bk Am, 8449 Greenwood Drive, Longmont, 02/09/2021, $750,000.00

Robert L. and Angela M. Kloepfer Shapiro, Pivot Lending Group, 7295 Gold Nugget Drive, Longmont, 02/08/2021, $968,000.00

Robert L. and M. Therese Hazzard, First Natl Bk Omaha, 13074 Woodridge Drive, Longmont, 02/11/2021, $960,000.00


This list includes deeds (conveying title to A. property) of $350,000 or more. Information includes the seller, buyer, address or legal description of the property, date the deed was filed and amount.

700 Weaver Park LLC, 700 Weaver Park Road LLC, 700 Weaver Park Road, Longmont, 02/09/2021, $1,800,000.00

Adams Design Inc., Setti Paul and Cari Ann Toplin, 2636 15th Ave., Longmont, 02/11/2021, $600,000.00

Antero Drive LLC, Steven B. and Jan L. Attebery, multiple properties, 02/09/2021, $750,000.00

Benjamin Wilks, Thomas Wesley Muir, 1036 Redbud Circle, Longmont, 02/09/2021, $630,000.00

Calatlantic Group Inc., Elizabeth Ann Costner, 1611 Hudson Drive, Erie, 02/10/2021, $531,200.00

Calatlantic Group Inc., Karman Joshi, 1582 Quest Aly, Erie, 02/08/2021, $435,900.00

Calatlantic Group Inc., Evan Paul and Danielle Louise Carey, 1516 Bluemoon Drive, Longmont, 02/08/2021, $577,500.00

Calatlantic Group Inc., Mark Joseph and Katherine Anne Manos, 1598 Hudson Drive, Erie, 02/08/2021, $597,800.00

Calatlantic Group Inc., Rene F. St. and Tammy K. St. Onge, 1525 Armstrong Drive, Longmont, 02/10/2021, $582,800.00

Daniel J. Dixon, James Kohnen, 1039 Rose St., Longmont, 02/10/2021, $480,000.00

David E. Werner Kristin S. Werner Revocable Trus, James H. and Dianne A. Balthaser, 2538 Walters Drive, Erie, 02/11/2021, $400,000.00

Dhe Properties LLC, Thomas and Erika Cunningham, 936 Tulip St., Longmont, 02/09/2021, $497,500.00

Eric D. Moore, Charles Thomas Young, 619 Collyer St., Longmont, 02/08/2021, $650,000.00

Firas F. Putris, Eva Louise and Raymond Donovan Goulbourne, 1049 Wyndemere Circle, Longmont, 02/08/2021, $758,000.00

Flatirons Homes Inc., Vls Aumakua Revocable Living Trust, 1327 S. Oak Court, Longmont, 02/08/2021, $457,300.00

Flatirons Homes Inc., Jo Ellen Graybill, 1321 S. Oak Court, Longmont, 02/08/2021, $467,900.00

Home Brokers LLC, Sarah R. Haines, 937 Meeker St., Longmont, 02/08/2021, $446,000.00

Jackson Ivan Dsouza, Jocelyne and Vinton P. Dove, 230 Sweet Valley Court, Longmont, 02/08/2021, $500,000.00

James T. Jr. Crowder, Nicholas and Caitlyn Dudas, 104 Bohn Court, Lyons, 02/10/2021, $835,000.00

Joel A. and Rachel H. Mansfield, Jessica A. Otoole, 1200 Button Rock Drive, Longmont, 02/08/2021, $510,000.00

Joel and Grace Snow, Liam and Anne Christine Powell, 881 Sumner Way, Erie, 02/08/2021, $680,000.00

John D. and Patricia J. Bicknell, Sopris Devl LLC, 8759 Portico Lane, Longmont, 02/08/2021, $425,000.00

Meritage Homes Colo. Inc., Tshering Namdu and Chhiring Dorje Sherpa, 1021 Sugar Beet Circle, Longmont, 02/10/2021, $547,000.00

Michael A. and Kerry Nicholson Feiman, Robert Jason and Lexi Sikorowicz Widman, 2547 Wharton Court, Erie, 02/10/2021, $725,000.00

Michael D. and Debra S. Greever, David K. Greever, 2230 Sunrise Drive, Longmont, 02/08/2021, $353,000.00

Nash Anthem LLC, Copper Homes Ltd, Vl, 02/17/2021, $525,000.00

Nicholas and Nina Tarsi, Austin Jay and Jessica Diane Drawhorn, 2151 Grant St., Longmont, 02/09/2021, $420,000.00

One Earth Future Foundation Inc., Ivy Cic Property LLC, 120 Ninth Ave., Longmont, 02/08/2021, $13,167,000.00

Paul Ajamian, Michael Walker, 3716 Oakwood Drive, Longmont, 02/08/2021, $410,000.00

Regal Home Buyers LLC, David and Kelly Wolf, 1105 Sherman St., Longmont, 02/08/2021, $397,000.00

Richfield Homes LLC, Ricardo Cervantes Arellano, 2092 Medford St., Longmont, 02/08/2021, $485,600.00

Richmond Am Homes Colo. Inc., Julio Moralesarroyo, 1031 Deer Pond Court, Longmont, 02/10/2021, $516,300.00

Snr LLC, Hajducko Family Trust, 1953 Chadwyck Court, Longmont, 02/08/2021, $754,000.00

Steven G. Shaffer, Aaron and Jolie R. Evans, 1336 Vivian St., Longmont, 02/09/2021, $731,000.00

William Lyon Homes Inc., Mark Edward and Lois Anna Autterson, 1085 Marfell St., Erie, 02/08/2021, $703,500.00

Wyatt Evans, James C. and Janet D. Callahan, 104 Eagle Canyon Circle, Lyons, 02/10/2021, $711,000.00