Live-Streaming Artist, Rob Hodkinson, Is Chasing the Top Charts on Tango

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The talented musician, pianist and songwriter - known publicly as 'Chasing Deer' - has been performing daily on Tango and has already gathered thousands of fans from around the world

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., April 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Tango, a leading global live streaming platform, has selected London-based musician, Chasing Deer, for its Artist of the Week.

Chasing Deer is an energetic pop/rock band led by the powerful vocalist and songwriter, Rob Hodkinson.

After the COVID-19 pandemic hit, singer Rob launched a weekly live stream on Tango and also performed on the streets of the UK for over 200 days, reuniting people with the sounds and feels of live music.

As part of his live performances, Tango users from over 190 countries worldwide have participated in special in-app activity and got up close and personal with the rising talented musician.

"I've been doing live streams regularly for the past year throughout the pandemic, and Tango has been the best place for that. There is a great community here that shows their appreciation with gifts, interacts with me in my live streams and some even perform with me. I'm really excited to see what comes next with my growing followers on Tango," says Rob Hodkinson, adding the valuable role Tango has played particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic: "When I got my first Applause gift, I was shocked by the animation on the screen. It was very nice to hear virtual applause after the year of silence that we've had!"

Tango is an all-in-one space for live interactive entertainment, and such engagements are part of Tango's vision to provide equal opportunities for anyone who wants to become a content creator in a new live-video medium.

"I always believed in providing new talents and creators, big or small, an opportunity to build their business, engage with their fans, and earn a living from their talents," says Uri Raz, CEO of Tango.

To follow Chasing Deer and enjoy more live streams, simply download the Tango App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. For more updates, follow Tango on Facebook and Instagram.

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