LithiumSAFE Battery Safety Workshop Announces Plans for Annual Conference

Hosted by Soteria Battery Innovation Group and NAATBatt, battery industry event plans for ongoing annual conference in Greenville, SC

GREENVILLE, S.C., December 06, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Soteria Battery Innovation Group and NAATBatt International announce the continuation of the of the LithiumSAFE Workshop, which took place on November 1-3, 2022, in Greenville, South Carolina to an annual event. The event brought together leaders in the lithium-ion battery industry who discussed the challenges and solutions surrounding battery safety.

"We are proud of the work the attendants and speakers accomplished during the first annual LithiumSAFE Battery Safety Workshop," says Dr. Brian Morin, co-founder and CEO of Soteria Battery Innovation Group. "The workshop helped fill a much-needed gap in the helping provide a safe environment for industry experts to talk about battery safety. We are looking forward to implementing key learnings and seeing how this event can grow and improve the industry in the future."

The conference, which saw participation from over one hundred industry experts from all over the country, fostered an environment for open dialogue on battery safety. The agenda focused on timely and pressing topics, including company perspectives on the safety problem, and incorporated panel discussions, actionable strategies to address the industry challenge, and examined the role testing and certification can play in ensuring public safety.

"It is very important to talk about safety in the battery industry to ensure that we are all working together towards the same goal," says Curt Collar, CMO of Nanotech Energy and LithiumSAFE attendee. "The last thing we want to happen is to get to a point where people are afraid to use batteries because there are too many incidents. The battery industry is crucial for creating a greener society, and this conference allowed for us to continue to work towards a safer future and I am looking forward to attending next year."

The event featured a variety of industry experts as panelists, including John Warner from American Battery Solutions, Eric Darcy from NASA JSC, Mujeeb Ijaz from Our Next Energy and Ionel Stefan from Amprius and more. Next year’s event will take place in Greenville, SC from November 14 – 16. To learn more about LithiumSAFE Workshop, please visit

About Soteria Battery Innovation Group, Inc.

Soteria Battery Innovation Group Inc is an advanced technology development and licensing company that has formed a consortium to promote a light, safe, and cost-effective architecture for lithium-ion batteries. Soteria's patented technology eliminates the root cause of thermal runaway, isolating short circuits and allowing cells to continue to function after damage. Soteria was founded in 2017 by Brian Morin and Carl Hu, and is headquartered in Greenville, SC. For more information, please visit

About NAATBatt International

NAATBatt International ("NAATBatt") promotes the development and commercialization of electrochemical energy storage technology and the revitalization of advanced battery manufacturing in North America. Founded in 2008 at the suggestion of then-Senator Barack Obama, NaatBatt is a not-for-profit trade association of companies, associations and research institutions. To learn more, visit

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