Literally Just A Ranking Of Timothée Chalamet's Best Fan Nicknames, From "Timothée Chamomile" To "Timotay Chevrolet"

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With a name like Timothée Chalamet — the man was born to be famous.

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Annnnd he was also born to be trolled. Since the dawn of his fame, fans and movie lovers alike have been playing off of the syllables in the last name to give him any number of hilarious nicknames.

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And before I get dragged — yes, I do have a sixth-grade sense of humor.

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In honor of Dune's premiere this past weekend, here are 15 of Timothée's best nicknames ranked.

Disclaimer: These nicknames are names that I have seen on the internet or heard in popular discourse. I couldn't find all of the original creators, but please know they're appreciated.

15.Little Timmy T

A young TImmy

Circa 2012.

Usa Network / NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversal via Getty Images

14.Sweet Tea

Timmy reading A People's History of the United States

Tim's Chinese fans dubbed him "Tian Cha," the Chinese words for "sweet tea," because "Tian Cha" sounds a lot like a shortened version of "Timothée Chalamet."


13.Timothy Swallowmay

I love the visual, but this name isn't my favorite. 

I love the visual, but this name isn't my favorite.


12.Tommy Chartreuse

A photo of Timmy's head above a chartreuse turtleneck sweater

A nod to his classy, poised demeanor.


11.Timotay Chateaumay

A shot of Timmy on the red carpet superimposed in front of a chateau-y building

Possibly the French-est sounding of his nicknames.

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10.Timothée Charlemagne

Timmy on the red carpet with photos of a crown and sword superimposed over his photo

A king indeed.

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9.Timotée Champagne

A bottle of champagne with Timmy's smiling face superimposed on the label

I mean...this is excellent.

Getty Images

8.Timothée Chamomile

TImmy with a photo of a flower superimposed above his ear

Much like "Sweet Tea," Timmy is a sweet beverage, hot or iced.


7.Timotay Charcuteray

Timmy sitting at a table with a photo of a charcuterie board above his hands

Call me Brie and lay me out.

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6.Timothée Chameleon

A chameleon with a photo of Timmy's face put over the chameleon's face

On a deeper level, this could be a testament to his acting skills and ability to portray a wide range of characters.

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5.Timothée Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Timmy's photo superimposed into a photo of a scene from the movie with everyone riding in the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car

Ah, a classic.

Silver Screen Collection / Getty Images

4.Timothée Chim Chim Cher-ee

A photo of rapping Lil' TImmy Tim emerging from a chimney

Another Dick Van Dyke fan fave.

Getty / Giphy / Via

3.Timothée Chevrolet

Timmy in a head shot in the driver's seat of a Chevrolet

Perfection. A smooth ride.

Getty Images

2.Timothée Chardonnay

Timmy in a suit with a photo of a bottle of wine added between his hands

Honestly, this is brilliant. Not only is he a smooth glass of wine, but it sounds so much like his actual name.


1.Timothée Shablagoo

A photo of Timmy surrounded by green goo

Hands down, this is the funniest, most incredible, most viral of his nicknames. It takes all of the other names and combines them into one all-encompassing epic name.

Getty Images

Have I left any out? Which ones are your favorites?

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