Lingua Ignota’s Kristin Hayter Announces Three-Day Music Festival, Launches New Record Label

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Kristin Hayter (aka Lingua Ignota) and Vile Creature‘s KW Campol have started a new art house label and announced a three-day music festival.

Dubbed Perpetual Flame Ministries, the label “will be a source for music, writing, fine art, and ephemera that builds into the concepts Hayter has worked with as Lingua Ignota,” according to the press release.

Hayter and Campol are launching the imprint with a three-day music and “multi-disciplinary arts fair” that runs from April 28th through the 30th at Thalia Hall in Chicago. The fest will see full-album performances of Lingua Ignota’s last three LPs, as well as sets by Vile Creature, Moor Mother, HIDE, Midwife, Planning for Burial, and Thou.

Regarding the label, Hayter remarked: “Perpetual Flame Ministries, based on the title of my song ‘Perpetual Flame of Centralia,’ is about faith, empowerment, destroying to build anew, and survival. As well as self-driven projects and providing a place for me to release interdisciplinary work with complete creative control, we will curate work from artists that feel aligned with this world. For me, this represents a new chapter in my life and hopefully in the lives of my listeners and community — healing, rebuilding, self-determinacy.”

Added Campol: “PFM exists as its own entity, not a label yet still a home for traditional (and untraditional) music releases, not a brand but still a place to get curated & meticulously cultivated ephemera and wearables, not a gallery but absolutely a place to appreciate the many facets and mediums that make up physical art. PFM won’t just be the home to the many artistic endeavors of Kristin, but in time will branch out to create an ecosystem filled with vibrant, like-minded & creator-focused art from a myriad of different artists.”

Tickets for the festival go on sale Friday (December 9th). Meanwhile, the label’s first release will be the first-ever vinyl edition of Lingua Ignota’s 2017 album Let The Evil of His Own Lips Cover Him. You can purchase tickets and pre-order the vinyl via this location.

lingua ignota
lingua ignota

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Kristin Hayter to Retire Lingua Ignota in 2023

Hayter recently announced that she would be retiring the Lingua Ignota moniker in 2023, so the upcoming festival performances could be among her last with the project. That said, Hayter still intends on creating music, with Perpetual Flame Ministries hinting at her new artistic direction.

Below you can view a poster for the upcoming music/art festival.

lingua ignota festival
lingua ignota festival

Lingua Ignota’s Kristin Hayter Announces Three-Day Music Festival, Launches New Record Label
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