Line Mountain votes to have students at Shamokin track and field

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Dec. 4—MANDATA — Student-athletes at Line Mountain School District may have a chance to participate in track at Shamokin Area School District following the approval of a cooperative agreement.

The Line Mountain School Board members this week voted in favor of the agreement for the 2022-23 school year while the Shamokin Area School Board members have not yet voted on it. It also needs approval from the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA).

Line Mountain does not have the facilities for track and field. Its partnership with Upper Dauphin School District ended in 2020, said Line Mountain Board President Troy Laundenslager.

"We are hoping to get back involved with the track and field program," he said. "We're excited for the kids to have more opportunities at Shamokin."

Shamokin Athletic Director Rick Kashner said the agreement will be for junior high boys/girls and varsity boys/girls beginning with the spring 2022 season and continuing until either Shamokin Area or Line Mountain feel it is not beneficial anymore. It would start in the spring if approved.

"Once our board approves the agreement we will have to work out the logistics to get their kids to practices and meets," said Kashner. "They will be participating under Shamokin Area's umbrella."

Line Mountain pursued the idea with Shamokin after last spring season, he said.

"Previously they were co-oping with Upper Dauphin (until 2020) but I'm assuming with the merger of Upper Dauphin and Millersburg it was not feasible anymore," said Kashner.

The benefits include giving students an opportunity to compete and see opponents from District 4 schools, he said.

"I'm sure many of the kids from both schools already know each other," said Kashner. "If I'm not mistaken it will be less travel for them for practices and meets. They will get to compete against some of the best track programs in the state. It will give our participants added competition for events which will only make them better."

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