Lindsay Lohan Is Now Engaged, And Her Ring Is So Beautiful

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Lindsay Lohan is engaged!

Lindsay smiles for a photo as she poses in a sequined-and-feathered spaghetti strap dress at an event
James Gourley / Getty Images

Alongside a series of pics with her now-fiancé Bader Shammas, Lindsay took to Instagram to announce the news — and share some pics of the ring.

"My love. My life. My family. My future," she wrote in the caption.

  Lindsay Lohan / Via Instagram: @lindsaylohan
Lindsay Lohan / Via Instagram: @lindsaylohan

The couple have kept things super on the DL so far, but they seem to have been together for about two years. Bader works in finance and the pair both currently live in Dubai.

Lindsay and Bader embracing after getting engaged
Lindsay Lohan / Via Instagram: @lindsaylohan

It's been a big year for LiLo so far — it was previously announced that she would be making a return to acting with a Netflix holiday movie, set to be released next year, where she'll be playing an heiress who gets amnesia in a skiing accident.

Wishing Lindsay a happy engagement!

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