"My Life As A Woman: World Edition" Reaches Obscure Island of Niue

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After obtaining remarkable stories from the women of Niue, "My Life As A Woman: World Edition" makes its way back back to the tiny island

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., May 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- My Life As A Woman: World Edition is a collection of personal stories from women living in over 200 countries including many islands and territories. One small area known as Niue Island, located off the coast of New Zealand, had multiple women who contributed to the book's mission. Now, eight copies of the completed book have been purchased by Tahiono Art Gallery located in Niue.

The island of Niue encompasses a total land area of roughly 100 sq mi. With a population of 1618, this country's culture and community are incredibly close-knit. Although My Life As A Woman: World Edition was able to acquire a story from at least one woman in every country globally, its creator was shocked to learn that a total of four women expressed interest in having their stories heard from Niue.

In a place where everyone knows their neighbors, it's no surprise that the book's author had to take extra care to get these women to offer a genuinely raw rendition of their lives, whether it be their struggles or triumphs. However, these Niue Island women's stories were well worth the effort and added an undeniable mark of bravery and thrill to My Life As A Woman: World Edition.

Niue Island residents typically leave to New Zealand for education, which is why the country's population remains so small. In addition to being one of the world's smallest countries, Niue is also one of the world's largest coral islands while boasting some of the Pacific's most epic scenery. The majority of the island's residents reside and work in Niue's capital and largest village, Alofi.

My Life As A Woman: World Edition is available for purchase on Amazon Kindle and Paperback. To learn more about the My Life As A Woman Project Initiative, visit https://www.mylifeasawomanproject.com/

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