Letter: Trump and GOP exhibit reckless behavior about the health of others

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So Donald Trump tested positive for COVID three days before the debate with Joe Biden. He knew he had COVID, his advisers, his doctors knew, yet not a word was said then.

He flew on Air Force One with reporters and staff on board, he addressed crowds in Minnesota and Pennsylvania wearing no mask, he addressed Gold Star Mothers and then had the audacity to say that some of them must have spread COVID to him.

Melania and Barron sat unmasked in the audience against guidelines and both came down with COVID.

Not a care about the lives of the people he met and interacted with. And yet, when it comes to the lives of the unborn there are none more sanctimonious than he and his toadies in Congress and on the Supreme Court.

How about those kids just killed in a Michigan high school? No concern by the Republicans in Congress to pass gun control legislation. Whose sanctity of life do they support? Only their own personal and political lives.

Jay Kasofsky



This article originally appeared on Times Herald-Record: Gun control, COVID no concern for GOP who espouse concern for unborn

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