LETTER: With no Saturday print edition, newspaper is sliding into oblivion

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The NWF Daily News is accelerating its slide into oblivion. I am referring to the recent management decision to discontinue the Saturday print issue.

It was already bad enough that the annual subscription cost was on an upward spiral.

  • that there were less and less real news stories.

  • articles that would hardly make the inside pages of the second section had become front page “news.”

  • a sports section with very little reporting on action outside the local area.

There have been two recent (last two weeks) major news stories that I never did see in the NWF Daily News. One about the assistant state attorney arrested and another about a murder in Crestview. Why were these not important?

I read the paper while eating breakfast in the morning. It is going to be difficult to hold a computer doing the same.

My friends are already complaining about the subscription costs. A number have ceased being subscribers because of this. Now we are going to have a 14.3% reduction in our delivered papers. I will give anybody a 5:1 bet that we see NO reduction in the subscription cost.

— George M. Colton, Shalimar

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