Let's get moving

Oct. 3—Residents of Jamestown Square Apartments will now have access to another form of transportation thanks to some support from Purdue Extension.

"We have eight bicycles, four for adults and four for children, as well as helmets that can now be checked out," said Purdue Extension Community Wellness Coordinator Ashlee Sudbury. "We are really excited about this. The idea is really to help promote physical activity but it also helps provide another mode of transportation for residents here."

Misty Fisher, service coordinator at the apartment complex, said they are hoping to eventually add additional bikes.

"This is something we hope our residents will enjoy and we can continue to expand," she said. "Residents will check the bikes out from office much like you would check out books from the library."

To kick off the program, Washington Police Officer Kane Waggoner spoke about bicycle safety for both youth and adults.

"It's a myth that you can't ride on sidewalks," he said, adding that each city sets its own rules for that. "It's important that you also follow the traffic laws. That means you have to stop at the stop signs or stop lights and follow the rules of the road."

Waggoner said helmets are important for keeping riders of all ages safe and riders should have a white light on the front of the bike and either a red or white flashing light on the back to help with visibility.

"We are really cracking down on having the lights on bikes," he said. "You also only have one person on a bike and both hands should be on the handlebars at all times unless you are signaling to turn."