LEIBISH Hosts Festival of Argyle Tender Pink Diamonds

Three Rare Argyle Diamonds

Three Rare Argyle Diamonds
Three Rare Argyle Diamonds

NEW YORK, Aug. 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LEIBISH announces a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for color diamond collectors to experience a unique display, especially for those who admire Argyle Pink diamonds. Named The Festival of Argyle Tender Pink Diamonds, an actual in-office exhibit rather than an online display can be viewed at LEIBISH New York, from Aug. 29 through Sept. 19, 2022. The extraordinary assembly of 16 Argyle Tender stones is said to be the largest Tender stone collection in the world.

LEIBISH is recognized as a pioneer in the selling of top-tier diamonds and gemstones online. For four decades, Leibish has been steadily building its reputation for curating the best-of-breed in natural color diamonds, with a focus on the legendary Argyle pink diamonds. While it has amassed one of the trade's most comprehensive collections of color diamonds, it's never been about quantity. For LEIBISH, the focus has been solely on its quality.

With Argyle's permanent closure in 2020 after 37 years of production, its rare color diamonds have taken their place in history and become even more sought after. LEIBISH's foresight and respect for these exceptional stones became a driving force behind its careful accumulation of these scarcities, which took years to assemble.

The Festival of Argyle Tender Pink Diamonds salutes these years of prudent acquisition by displaying 16 standout diamonds from Argyle Tenders. The centerpiece of this world-class exhibit is the ultra-rare Red Dragon Diamond, so named for Australia's delectable red dragon fruit. The 1.09 carat Fancy Purplish Red VS2 radiant cut Argyle diamond is the only red diamond over 1 carat to be graded VS2 on both Argyle and GIA grading reports.

For a limited time only, we invite you to view this spectacular collection of rare Argyle Tender diamonds in our New York showroom. To request a personal viewing, register here.

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