Leadstar Media launches a new comparison site for the North American Spanish market

STOCKHOLM, Dec. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Swedish lead generation and media company Leadstar Media has expanded its product portfolio with a new website focused on the Spanish-speaking North American market. The United States welcomes the seventh website that Leadstar Media offers to sports bettors in the country with this launch.

In line with the company's plan to continue expanding the portfolio of products focused on sports betting in Spanish, now Spanish-speaking residents in the United States will also be able to enjoy a personalized guide to choosing the best bookmaker.

Jacob Ljunggren, Director of Operations Leadstar Media, comments:

"After seeing a high percentage of users accessing our other Spanish-language platforms from the United States, we felt it was necessary to expand our product with a new website with content tailored for Hispanic-American bettors. The US has been the talk of the industry lately and we have focused efforts there as well. Until recently we neglected a quite large portion of the population by not offering our products in Spanish."

The new product is launched on the recognized website Mis Casas de Apuestas under the subdomain MisCasasdeApuestas.com/us. This currently has a total of 6 subdomains, covering the Spanish, Peruvian, Colombian, Mexican, Chilean, and now American markets.

The contents of this new product are specifically focused on the US market, including comparisons and reviews of the best bookmakers, information on current promotions and welcome bonuses, payment methods, and updates on the legalization of sports betting within the country.

"I am very excited about this new launch and I believe that the strength of our already well-positioned domain will help this product perform faster than normal. I hope that in a short period of time we can see our website among the top results and be able to please all those American bettors who want relevant information in Spanish."


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