Lead Forensics Awards recognise client excellence

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PORTSMOUTH, England, Jan. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Global B2B software organisation, Lead Forensics, has launched an annual customer awards to celebrate the success of its client-base and identify the innovative ways the software is used.

The Lead Forensics Awards, founded in 2020, recognises Lead Forensics customers that harness the software to its full potential, and in turn see the best results.

Henry Braithwaite, COO, said: "We have an impressive client roster, and each of our customers use Lead Forensics in a way that's unique to their own business. We want to celebrate that, and develop a way for customers to share their best practices and impressive achievements.

"In the current climate, the award celebrations weren't quite what we had in mind. But we hope to host an annual ceremony going forward, and give our customers the chance to truly celebrate their success."

The award winners include: Lightning Tools, Limitless Technology, Parago Software, Surdry, Basware, Connect Vending, Hydra IT, Intact, InTek Freight & Logistics, and Kallidus.

Lead Forensics sought to recognise clients across a broad range of industries, traffic levels, sizes and locations, to accurately reflect the company's large and global client base. Winners include customers from the US, Portugal, Spain, Ireland and the UK.

Every Lead Forensics customer is allocated their own Customer Success Manager, dedicated to helping them reach their full potential through the software.

Henry added: "Globally, Lead Forensics is recognised for its lead generation capabilities, but it offers so much more. From identifying new business opportunities and maximizing website ROI, to improving customer experience and speeding up conversions — we're committed to ensuring every customer achieves better than expected results."

Lead Forensics is a multi award-winning website visitor identification software company. Launched in 2009, with offices across the UK and US, the business has 6,000 clients and over 500 employees. Lead Forensics utilises reverse IP tracking technology and owns the world's largest matched business IP database, enabling users to reveal the previously anonymous identity of B2B website visitors. To learn more, visit the Lead Forensics website.