Laura Hurubaru, Founder of From Scratch to Cash Fast, Launches Her Business Strategy, Coaching and Mentoring Program

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Through Her Innovative One-on-One Program, Laura is Devoted to Helping Strong Entrepreneurial Women Launch Profitable Online Businesses

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 24, 2020 / Laura Hurubaru, Founder of From Scratch to Cash Fast, is pleased to announce the launch of her signature program that offers one-on-one business strategy, coaching and mentoring.

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As Laura noted, she understands that while there are many entrepreneurial minded women who would like to launch their own online business, it can be challenging to get a new company off the ground. She also knows that when new online business owners do not see results as quickly as they had hoped, they may become understandably disappointed and discouraged.

This knowledge inspired Laura to create and launch the From Scratch to Cash Fast coaching and mentoring program, which is designed to help strong corporate women to start profitable online businesses from scratch.

"Working for yourself needn't mean direct sales or creating a store on Amazon selling leggings and essential oils. Ambitious women who've taken the corporate world by storm are now using their gifts for themselves," Laura said, adding that she is devoted to teaching women how to create online service-based companies that focus on their natural abilities, talents and skills, as well as takes into account and honors their overall purpose.

"You need to see the results to believe it's going to work before you can scale and invest in ads for example. And you need to get to cash fast."

With the From Scratch to Cash Fast program, Laura will show business-minded women how to get the successful end results that they need and deserve from their online business, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

To help women get started in her program, Laura said she is pleased to offer a free strategy call; this will allow her to go over the details of the program and see if it is a good fit.

As Laura noted, those who sign up for the program will learn how to use the inherent skills that they possess to create successful online businesses that provide a needed product or service.

"I highly recommend Laura to anyone who has the desire and commitment to create an on-line business but for a reason struggles or simply doesn't know where to start. You will go through a lasting positive transformation with tangible results. Laura has a unique talent and methodology that allows you to progress quickly," wrote Rita Sanda from the UK in a review.

About Laura Hurubaru:

Laura Hurubaru is the Founder of From Scratch to Cash Fast Signature Program and is devoted to helping women find their business idea as well as how to package their expertise into an unique signature program so that they can market and sell it effectively. To learn more about the program and to get a free strategy session, please visit


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