Laundry stripping is a TikTok trend with ugly side effects

“Laundry stripping” has been around for a while, . but TikTok has just caught on to the concept of throwing fabrics into a bathtub and adding a few key ingredients to let it sit there for several hours. stirring it every so often like a stew. The most satisfying part of the process is, undoubtedly, seeing how much dirt and grime comes out of the fabrics and into the water — . a crucial step you miss when you use a measly washing machine. To try laundry stripping yourself, you’ll need Borax, powdered laundry detergent, washing soda (sodium bicarbonate) and a bathtub or another large container. Before you try this out on any of your own fabrics, though, consider what experts have to say about it. “I would not recommend that people do laundry stripping regularly,” Tide senior scientist Jennifer Ahoni said