Store your dirty clothes and keep your home mess-free with the best laundry hampers

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A basket full of unwashed clothes
A basket full of unwashed clothes

Unlike bathing, washing clothes daily is not practical for everyone. Multitasking mums and students, especially, face many challenges when doing laundry because it is not a one-step task. You have to sort your dirty clothes, wash and dry them and then finally put everything back. Carrying loads of clothes from one place to another is tough and can strain your back. This is why you should get one of the highest-rated laundry hampers. They are made of high-quality materials that can carry heavy loads without getting ripped. They are also spacious enough to hold an entire week’s laundry (maybe more but not less). However, finding a quality laundry bag is going to be more challenging than doing laundry because of the sheer amount of options on the market. That’s why we have researched and reviewed some top-notch laundry hampers of 2022 to help you grab the perfect fit. So let’s dive in!

Top Picks

Best overall: Simplehouseware Laundry Hamper


The lid secludes from smelly clothes and also keeps your dirty laundry out of sight
The lid secludes from smelly clothes and also keeps your dirty laundry out of sight

This laundry hamper has two compartments separated by one wall, allowing you to store a lot of laundry in them. It. Besides clothes, you can also use them for grocery storage. Made from polypropylene, this basket is sturdy enough to carry a heavy weight. It goes super long and remains like new. It is also quite light so that you can move it easily. It comes equipped with two removable laundry bags that you can remove for carrying the dirty items from the basket to the machine. We judged this hamper to be the best overall because of its durable construction and that it comes reinforced with a lid for keeping the stored items out of sight, offering privacy in a shared space.

Key Features:

  • Two compartments for separate loads

  • Polypropylene makes it durable

  • Collapsible body for easy storage

  • Side holes for holding and moving

Sturdiest materials: DOKEHOM Laundry Hamper


Durable and easy to carry laundry bag
Durable and easy to carry laundry bag

Fed up with seeing laundry everywhere in your home? Get this laundry hamper with a 90-liter capacity for holding all your dirty clothes. Reinforced with soft, comfortable handles, you can carry it from one place to another easily. Plus, it is made from 600D Oxford fabric material, known for its strength and durability. No matter how long you use it or how heavily you load it, it will never fall apart. The hamper is also coated with a PE layer to make it waterproof and shiny, allowing you to store wet clothes inside as well. What makes this option unique is its stable base, which keeps it free-standing even when it's empty. So, it maintains its shape very well.

Key Features:

  • 90-liter storage capacity

  • 600D Oxford fabric with PE coating makes it long-lasting

  • Foldable design to fit in all places

  • Aluminum handles for easy portability

Most affordable: Handy Laundry Hamper


XUse as a pop-up laundry hamper, or toy basket or fold it flat for easy packing when on the go
Use as a pop-up laundry hamper, or toy basket or fold it flat for easy packing when on the go

If you want to save effort and money, this option is a lifesaver. It contains two mesh laundry bags for storing laundry and two durable handles for carrying it to the washing room without any hassle. You can also use it to store toys or as a beach bag for holding towels. The mesh net allows the air to pass through easily, which eliminates moisture and odor. The frame is also strong enough to stay upright when it is empty. Since it folds flat, you can store it anywhere and take it outdoors for camping and traveling.

Key Features:

  • Two laundry bags for better storage

  • Mesh material for air circulation

  • Flexible frame for storing flat

  • Durable handles for transportation

Most portable: Caroeas Laundry Hamper


The clothes hamper for laundry comes with a tall shape that makes full use of vertical and corner space for space-saving storage
The clothes hamper for laundry comes with a tall shape that makes full use of vertical and corner space for space-saving storage

Whether you are a student living in a dorm or someone who travels a lot, this product is a must-have for you. It is great for holding a ton of items, including clothes, towels, and linens. With a 90-liter storage capacity, it ensures that you are never short of space for storing your laundry. Its tall shape makes piling up clothes easy. Since the laundry bag is made of 600D oxford fabric, it is strong enough to resist wear and tear. Not to forget, the basket is coated with EVA, making it waterproof and allowing it to hold wet, sweaty, or stinky clothes while keeping odor and moisture at bay. Its aluminum frame also makes it sturdy enough to easily hold a large pile of clothes. On top of everything, it comes reinforced with padded handles, providing you with a firm grip and letting you carry it comfortably.

Key Features:

  • 90-liter capacity

  • 600D oxford fabric with aluminum frame offers durability

  • Foldable design for quick storage

  • Aluminum handles with soft padding for comfortable carrying

Most space saving: Lifewit Laundry Hamper


A fixed lid on the backside of the hamper makes it easy to open and close
A fixed lid on the backside of the hamper makes it easy to open and close

If you need a large, sturdy laundry hamper, look no further because this bag allows you to store as much as 125 liters of laundry in its two compartments. You can also quickly sort clothes in the compartments, such as using separate containers for black and light-colored clothes. Both the sections of this hamper are reinforced with two laundry bags that you can remove and attach whenever you want. They eliminate the need for carrying the whole basket to the washing machine. The basket has a unique construction owing to the use of cationic fabric and EVA foam. It feels soft from the outside but is super strong and resists stretching, scratches and tears. You need to fit eight fiber-pole rods on the corners of the hamper to make it stand upright and firm when empty or full. When you are not using it, you can take out the pole rods and fold the hamper to store it inside a cabinet or drawer. The attached lid covers everything so well that it becomes hard to figure out what you have inside the hamper.

Key Features:

  • Two compartments holding 62.5 liters each

  • Cationic fabric with EVA-foam coating provides sturdiness

  • Collapsible design for saving space

  • Handles for added portability

How to choose your next laundry hamper: A buyer’s guide

Whether you are doing laundry for the first time or very experienced in it, carrying laundry from one place to another is always challenging. Cleaning clothes already takes a lot of effort, but you can reduce a big part of the stress by having the right kind of laundry hamper. Without overburdening yourself, you can carry clothes that you’ve let pile up for weeks from your living space to the laundry room and back. But how well this will go depends on how efficient your laundry bag is. We can help you pick up the right one with this buying guide. Come take a look.

Why do you need a laundry hamper?

If you have not invested in a laundry hamper yet, you need to do so for the following reasons:

  • Laundry hampers are made super rigid for carrying heavy loads of laundry from one place to another. No matter how long you carry them, the bag is strong enough not to fall apart.

  • Most of these products have a foldable design, meaning you can fold them back up and store them in your cabinet, bathroom, wardrobe, and more.

  • They work great as a travel companion because they can carry towels, linens, socks, and more if you’re moving or taking a trip.

  • Some models have washable laundry bags, which you can put in the washing machine. They will also keep your luxurious clothes and their straps safe from damage.

  • Mesh laundry bags allow air to pass through them, which is necessary to draw out moisture from the laundry. If it doesn't happen, your clothes can become stinky due to mildew growth.

Things should you consider when looking for a new laundry hamper

The factors below are significant for identifying a high-quality laundry hamper:


If you do laundry every other week or have a big family, you should opt for a more spacious laundry hamper. A hamper with a 125-liter storage capacity will be great for you. On the other hand, if you are a student, live alone, or do laundry often, getting a laundry basket with a 90-liter capacity will be perfect.


If you don't want your laundry basket to get torn after a couple of uses, always opt for a sturdier model. You can check its sturdiness by the material used. Mesh bags are pretty good for storing moist laundry and also helpful for protecting them during washing. However, they are not very strong when you need to carry heavy loads a great distance. You can trust any of these materials, including 600D Oxford fabric, a combination of cationic fabric, and EVA foam or polypropylene. The frame should be made of aluminum. Waterproof laundry bags are easier to maintain, so check whether it has a PE or EVA coating.


When your laundry room is far away from your place, you need to look for a portable laundry basket. It should be lightweight. Check whether it has handles made of aluminum and if it’s padded, these options tend to feel the most comfortable to hold and carry.


Although laundry hampers are stable enough to stand upright, they should be foldable or collapsible too. Ensure the product you invest in has a foldable design so that you can store it using very little space.


Some laundry baskets come equipped with a lid, while others do not. If you want to keep your dirty laundry hidden, check whether your basket comes with a lid.


Laundry baskets come in different colors, including black, white, red, gray, and more. Unless you have a personal choice, you can opt for black or gray laundry baskets, which easily blend in with any interior.

How much do you need to pay for a laundry hamper?

The price range of laundry baskets is pretty broad. You can get an affordable bag starting at just $12.99, while the most expensive ones will have a price tag of around $41.99. Their cost depends on the storage capacity, durability, and ease of portability. For instance, the Dokehom store offers one basket with a 90-liter capacity for $16.98. On the other hand, you need to pay $41.98 for the Lifewit store’s 125-liter laundry bag.

How to maintain a laundry hamper?

Here is how you can keep a laundry hamper in good condition:

  • Make sure to wipe your laundry hamper with a clean cloth after emptying dirty clothes. If you have stored them for a pretty long time, you should also wash the laundry basket

  • Don't forget to dry the laundry bag properly from the inside before storing clothes in it again

  • When not in use, fold it or collapse it the way it's designed. Don't fold it forcefully as the frame may break

  • Whether you put it in a closet or drawer, you should not load heavy objects on top because it may affect its overall shape

People also asked

Q: How many hampers should I buy for a large family?

A: If you have a big family, get a large hamper with a lot of capacity. This will let you store about one or two weeks of laundry. You can get one hamper with a 125-liter capacity or two hampers of average storage capacity. Both will be sufficient for your family.

Q: What can I carry in my laundry hamper?

A: You can carry all the laundry you want to wash, including shirts, pants, socks, handkerchiefs, skirts, and more. You can also carry towels and toys for your kids when going to the beach. If the hamper is waterproof or mesh, you can keep wet clothes in it. If it isn’t this should be avoided.

Q: What do you do when a laundry bag is torn?

A: If you mean the laundry bags inside the laundry hamper, you can replace the torn ones with other laundry bags. You can always find a lot of options on the market. However, if the laundry basket is torn, you can still stitch it and reuse it. For a broken frame though, you need to purchase a new laundry hamper.