Launch: Major upgrades to media intelligence AI tech

Copenhagen, Dec. 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Announcement no. 12-2022
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The technology company Hypefactors, which delivers a SaaS solution for media intelligence, reputation and corporate trust analysis, will launch a total suite of major upgrades to the existing Atlastic.AI intelligence technology on December 5, 2022. This comprehensive total launch increases the quality of the company’s media insights solution to a level that is unmatched in the industry.

The ‘Atlastic.AI, generation 2’ includes:

  • Upgraded Names of Interest AI (NOI): Proprietary named entities recognizer is retrained on more linguistically curated data, accounting for niche linguistic cases and optimized for billion-scale operations.

  • Upgraded Reputation AI: Retrained on more linguistically curated data, especially accounting for ambiguous and mixed perception cases, and optimized for billion-scale operations.

  • Upgraded Presence AI: The proprietary media-exclusiveness identifier is retrained to optimize for billion-scale operations.

  • Boosted machine learning operations architecture: Originally designed in 2021, first launched in May 2022 and now with its second launch, enables scaling AI enrichments up to 5 billion machine learning operations per day.

  • Upgraded print segmentation AI: The AI that turns newspaper PDFs into structured analyzable media data will receive an upgrade due to completion of the first milestone from the "New Print PDF Processing" project backed by the Innovation Fund Denmark.

  • New Topic AI, trained with a proprietary AI technique, will categorize all media coverage in all languages, e.g. Business and Finance, Sports, Entertainment and Arts.

  • New ESG AI, trained with a proprietary AI technique, will categorize media coverage in all languages along 20 environmental, social and governance dimensions to facilitate ESG sustainability reporting and compliance.

All AIs will encompass all the typical traits and benefits of the Atlastic.AI DNA: Multilingual for more than 100 languages out of the box, accelerated for 24/7 billion-scale operation on the world's media coverage and directly integrated to end-user product features for the benefit of all current and new clients. These Atlastic.AI upgrades will be reflected in the Hypefactors platform.


About Hypefactors A/S

Hypefactors is an integrated AI powered Earned Media tech platform to support better media intelligence, reputation and trust management. Hypefactors combine data, analytics, technology and tools to provide a unified and easy-to-use experience. With all the tools to automate and ease the work, and all the facts to document the results. In addition to media monitoring across the different media channels, the platform provides access to a number of facts, incl. automated documentation of the monetary value and quality assessment of each third-party media mention. The platform also contains other time-saving tools such as automatically generated media reports and a mobile app giving access to real-time media mentions. The company is listed at Nasdaq Growth Market in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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