Latinx doctor bridges the language gap by providing COVID-19 misinformation in Spanish

Dr. Jorge Ramallo, from the the Sixteenth Street Community Health Center in Milwaukee, is doing his part to break the language barrier and build “confianza” (trust) with his patients by speaking to them in Spanish. “The patients that I see are over 90% Latinx,” he tells Yahoo Life. “Being able to talk to them in a language they understand, but also being able to relate to their culture … is one of the most rewarding things of my job.” He hosts a Spanish Facebook Live series called “Pregunte al doctor” (Ask the doctor). He hopes to dispel online misconceptions about COVID-19 and create a safe space for his patients. “Having that extra source of information from a physician that they know, that is part of their community and that speaks their language, I think has made a big difference,” he explains.