Latin artists to host benefit concert for Venezuelan singer Chyno Miranda in Miami

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Instagram/ Chyno Miranda

The family of Venezuelan singer Chyno Miranda says they are very grateful for the benefit concert being organized by a group of the artist’s friends, but that the family is not involved with the organization of the event. The statement was released after Nacho, the other half of the duo Chyno y Nacho, announced that he was organizing a musical marathon to benefit Chyno on June 8 at La Scala in Miami.

Scheduled to appear are Bumamante Nelson, Jerry Di, Victor Drija, Jerry the real thing, Marko, Roger L. Chacin, Maffio, Mermelada Bunch and Nacho itself.

Miranda is in Venezuela is recovering from peripheral neuropathy which left him virtually immobilized. He developed the issue after contracting the coronavirus in 2020.

Just weeks ago the singer made headlines again when his representative Julio Durnache, clarified the status of the singer’s health to prevent further speculation.

“Chyno is good. The press has said things that are not true and I only ask for respect. The family is focused on his recovery. When (the family) has more details they will share information about his condition,“ Durnache told the Dominican newspaper Diario Libre, after squashing the rumor that the singer was hospitalized and gravely ill. “He’s fine. I cannot give many details because I am not his spokesperson, but I can say he is very good at home with his family,” he added.

A post appeared on Chyno’s Instagram account, presumably written by his ex wife, model, businesswoman and mother of his son Lucca, Natasha Araos, which describes that in the first months of 2020 he began to feel a brief but intense discomfort in his hands and legs that was causing a lot of pain, cramping, tenderness and numbness. He first was forced to drastically abandon his workout routines and daily activities to a point where he could no longer walk.

As for the concert, called Todos Somos Chyno, the family asserted that they are not involved in the production of the show.

“The family and Chyno Miranda‘s team are very grateful for the initiative a group of friends has taken for a concert to benefit the health of Jesus (Chyno) Miranda. We are not the organizers of this concert but we want to make clear that they have our support and with the best intentions for how nice initiative are met,“ the family posted on social media. “Chyno’s recovery has progressed every day and we are confident that this great gesture will allow Chyno to continue his recovery and get him back . Greatly we appreciate everyone involved and people who send their best wishes. “