The Latest in Web3: The AI Pill that is Saving the Future of DAOs

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- As Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) enter their 5th year, they risk failing if they don't successfully capture, safeguard and disseminate their institutional knowledge - their greatest and most competitive asset. Leveraging powerful AI, web3 native startup ILUMA is giving DAO leaders and members 'Superhuman' abilities to effortlessly access data captured from conversations, documentation and member input to optimize decision-making.

ILUMA is the AI pill that is saving the future of DAOs.
ILUMA is the AI pill that is saving the future of DAOs.

DAOs spend a lot of time and resources developing knowledge and capability. While some of it gets translated into guidelines and processes, most of it gets lost in the heads of the core teams and individual contributors, on Notion pages, or buried in a sea of Discord chatter and community forums. As DAOs enter their 5th year, it has become evident that preserving their institutional knowledge is essential to survive.

Given the transparency of DAOs the above seems counterintuitive, but due to the fast-paced evolution of DAOs, where information moves fast, leaders change frequently and new members join daily, much of this institutional knowledge is lost.

So how can DAOs ensure they have the right tools to capture their knowledge and transform it into useful information that is easily accessible to future community leaders and to every member of the DAO?

Using AI, ILUMA is the first web3-native solution to safeguard the knowledge base of DAOs. ILUMA adds intelligence to help DAOs turn the myriad of member conversations, discussions, activities and ideas into actionable insights to make faster and more informed decisions.

"Imagine an AI that weaves DAO real-time insights from Discord conversations, proposals, voting data, etc. into the DAO's day-to-day decision making. It will transform a chaotic and human-run process into an automated and data-driven one," explains Founder of ILUMA, Ricardo Garcia-Amaya.

ILUMA, the 'Superhuman' of Discord & web3, gives you the ability to filter out the chatter and noise of Discord, and easily provides the most important DAO insights. Their software is for DAO builders and members alike, with an AI inbox that easily finds and triages the most relevant and time-sensitive bits of information. Its self-learning core captures and sorts the most critical DAO data on voting, proposals, conversations, new members and projects. With it, leaders can create a well-rounded onboarding experience, easily understand where members best fit in the DAO and create opportunities for members to get involved and contribute effectively.

ILUMA currently powers some of the most influential DAOs, including Orange DAO (1,300+ YCombinator founders building the future of web3 & a $50M fund).


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