LaSalle Educational Club celebrates students' success

Dec. 3—The LaSalle Educational Club recently honored 21 students at Harry F. Abate Elementary School for outstanding academic accomplishments and starting the school year out on the right path.

The club, a local organization that honors Niagara Falls students, educators and parents for their success inside and outside the classroom, sponsored a Thanksgiving dinner on Nov. 16.

During the event, certificates of achievement were presented to Abate students who were joined by their parents and guardians in celebrating their accomplishments.

The LaSalle Educational Club strongly believes encouragement helps build pride in student's own work.

Students receiving certificates included: Khair Jumanah, Keyaan Jumanah, Ja'varis Price, Urijah Bracero, Carlayshia Williams, Maliyah Mims, Kavion Hilson, Jaylah Mathis, Daniel Davis, Kay-lin Davis, Udayveer Singh, Derrick Tyson, A'Niyah Bowen, Glen Bowen III, Joseph Marshall-Herring, Isaiah Williams, Westy Williams, Jose Rivera, Darryion Hill, Savien Montagna and Willie Clark.

Alexiana Dolson, 4, a student from Bloneva Bond Primary School, recited the pledge of Allegiance during the dinner and members of the local organization, Men Standing Strong Together, served as hosts.

Certificates were presented to the students by principal Lynne Thompkins, along with Mayor Robert Restaino, district Superintendent Mark Laurrie, Niagara Falls Board of Education President Russell Petrozzi. Niagara County Legislator Jeffery Elder indicated how hard the students have worked and how much they have improved, speaking to parents and guardians.