'KUWTK' takes a look inside Trump's meeting with Kim Kardashian and three commuted ex-prisoners

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On Keeping Up With the Kardashians Thursday night, viewers got an inside look at Kim Kardashian's trip to Washington, D.C., in March to meet with Alice Marie Johnson, who was famously granted clemency after Kardashian met with President Donald Trump on her behalf in 2018, and three more women whose prison sentences were commuted by Trump earlier this year — Crystal Munoz, Judith Negron and Tynice Hall.

On why she set up the meeting, Kardashian shared, "I think it's really important, in order for big policy to be changed, to really put a face with a name, or a face with an issue. A face with the crime."

Kardashian also stated, "I think it's really important for everyone, including the president, to have a relationship with these women, to meet them, to hear their story, to understand where they came from so they can be sympathetic and want to grant more clemencies."

Before entering the Oval Office, Kardashian told the group, "When I saw that President Trump commuted six people, I was so happy and I called Jared immediately and said this is so amazing, but these women need a moment. And I really felt like everyone would benefit from them coming here to the White House."

Following their meeting with Trump, which Kardashian described as "successful," Kardashian explained, "I do think it's important to continue to have this topic brought up at the White House because it's really instrumental in making a difference. I think that it will, hopefully, open up all the lawmakers' hearts, and I think we were really successful in getting our message across, and we are going to be looking into some new clemencies."

Fans absolutely loved the behind-the-scenes look at Kardashian's work in criminal justice reform:

Later in the show, Kardashian concluded, "Every time we go and sit in front of the president, and explain how the pardon process has changed so many people's lives, it definitely opens up more doors for policy to be changed and clemencies to happen. So I do think it's important to continue the fight so that other people get a second chance, like these women."

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