Kristin Cavallari Opens Up About Her 'Emotional and Spiritual' Detox in Mexico: 'Best Trip of My Life'

Kristin Cavallari
Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari/Instagram

Kristin Cavallari is learning some life-changing lessons in Mexico.

The Very Cavallari alum, 35, posted a slideshow of photos on Instagram during her trip to Los Barriles. Accompanied by her best friend and hairstylist, Justin Anderson, Cavallari enjoyed a four-day detox on the getaway.

After jokingly pointing out that she's still single and Justin is just a friend, she wrote, "Ok, but for real this has been the best trip of my life. We came to Mexico for a 4 day detox and while I've done a million physical detoxes before, I've never done an emotional and spiritual detox."

In the post, Cavallari included a photo of her and Anderson wearing tie-dye shirts that say "No Bad Days." She also showed off her white bikini and some stunning oceanfront views.

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"I'm going home with so much clarity and peace and feeling more connected to myself than I ever have. This trip taught me that comparison is the thief of joy- and I mean even with experiences," she continues.

"If I'm over here wondering why my experience was different than yours, it takes me out of mine and what my experience is trying to teach me. It takes me out of being present. I'm on a major spiritual journey and I feel like this is just the beginning. I'm going home a different woman and for that I am eternally grateful."

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This is not the first time Cavallari has been transparent with her followers about her physical and mental health. In June, the Uncommon James founder spoke about her fitness journey and how far she's come on Instagram.

Referencing two throwback photos in the post, Cavallari said she "couldn't even recognize the girl in those other two photos" due to extreme stress at the time.

"I work out really hard and am dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and I think just because I'm a mom doesn't mean I can't be proud of my body and be comfortable in my skin. So, here ya go," she wrote in the caption.

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Jay Cutler, Kristin Cavallari
Jay Cutler, Kristin Cavallari

Mark Humphrey/AP/Shutterstock Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler

Cavallari shares three children — Camden, 10, Jaxon, 8, and Saylor, 6 — with ex-husband Jay Cutler. The Laguna Beach alum and the retired NFL pro officially split in 2020 after their marriage became "toxic," Cavallari says.

On an episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast in August, she revealed how all of her friends and family knew her marriage was unhealthy, and how it took her "a few years to actually pull the trigger" and call it quits.

"I was really unhappy and that was the bottom line, and I was in an unhealthy relationship. And so that to me is not worth it. Also, I didn't want my kids thinking that that was normal. I wanted them to see me happy and see me eventually — not right now — but eventually, see me with someone who really respects me and treats me the way I need to be treated," she said.