Kristen Bell says she's teaching her kids to ‘reject the stress of the holidays’

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Mike Smith

Actor Kristen Bell loves many of the customs around the holidays but she has one unique tradition she's hoping to pass along to her children.

“The Good Place” actor told TODAY that while Bell and her husband Dax Shepard partake in usual traditions like singing songs, watching “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” and wearing matching festive pajamas, they also teach their two daughters, Lincoln, 8, and Delta, 6, to “reject the stress of the holidays.”

“We are attempting to model the behavior for our kids to not get too uppity or too intent on things being perfect,” she explained.

She says she hopes her daughters learn to “live with ease during this time where everyone is supposed to plug back in.”

Bell added that ordering things online helps her keep her cool when she starts to feel stressed and allows her to spend more time with her family. She spoke with TODAY to promote her holiday partnership with delivery company Shipt, which is owned by Target, and shared a long list of holidays-must have items like tea, Legos and Magnolia-brand candles.

Aside from the more “psychological” traditions, Bell also enjoys wearing family pajama sets, which she said started long before she had kids.

“I would buy matching sets for Dax, and I and our dogs. He very peacefully went along with it, which I’m very grateful for,” she shared.

Now, the two dress up with their children on Christmas and take walks together “because we want the whole day to be lazy.”

“We’ll do that in our holiday pajamas and look like crazy people walking through the neighborhood and we just don’t care,” Bell joked.

The dogs still get matching t-shirts, too.

Shepard passed down a group activity from his family, which involves opening presents on Christmas morning.

When Shepard grew up, the youngest person tore into their gifts first and then everyone else followed based on their ages.

“Basically grandma’s definitely asleep at the end,” Bell explained. “The older you are, chances are you have more patience. So it works for us.”

The two actors must’ve passed down their comedic genes as well.

In August, one of their daughters interrupted Bell and Shepard’s interview with TODAY’s Al Roker.

“This, I’m sure, is about the doll’s birthday,” Bell informed Al. “We found out yesterday that it’s her doll’s birthday, and now we have to order a cake. She’s taking it very seriously.”

In addition to their inherited customs, Bell and Shepard began a new holiday tradition together that she says has become hilariously competitive.

The couple rents out a roller skating rink in Los Angeles every year that is “straight from a time machine” and invites a few of their family friends.

But one year, three of the dads took roller skating a little too seriously — one broke a wrist and the other two sprained their wrists.

“So, now when we book our (party), I bring a big box of wrist guards.” she laughed. “Because the dads go for broke on that rink. Their equilibrium isn’t what it used to be.”

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