Kourtney Kardashian responds to criticism over her friendship with Addison Rae

Kourtney Kardashian, a 41-year-old reality star, has recently come under fire for spending so much time with Addison Rae, a 19-year-old influencer. The pair first met in-person in March when Kardashian’s son, avid TikTok fan Mason Disick, made a cameo in one of Rae’s videos. Though all the posts about their friendship have been harmless fun, commenters constantly question their unusual 22-year age gap. “This friendship still weirds me out,” one user wrote in the comments of a recent post that showed the pair at the pool. “i cant imagine what their conversations are made up of,” another said. “41 and hanging around with 19-year-olds in swimming pools,” a user commented. That last comment is what inspired Kardashian to respond after months of questioning. “Do you suggest a better place?” Kardashian wrote. “I’m looking for ideas”