These Knit Christmas Stockings Will Keep Your Mantle Cozy

Once filled with legend and lore, the Christmas stocking is now a beloved holiday tradition. We may no longer wear them nor leave them to dry by the fire, but we sure do love to fill them with gifts. After all, who doesn't relish opening a pile of trinkets before tackling the big presents under the tree on Christmas morning? We have to admit, half the fun also comes in stuffing stockings for friends and family. If someone you know has yet to own a Christmas stocking (gasp!) or is in dire need to replace the one they've been using since fifth grade, we recommend that one of these super-cozy knit stockings be the first present you offer up this season. Pretty and practical, they're sure to elicit squeals of delight as your loved ones run to hang up their newly acquired Christmas accessory on the mantle. Now, all that's left is the stocking stuffers—and that's the easy part.

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