With Knicks' Immanuel Quickley in rough patch, Tom Thibodeau discusses how he can get out of it

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Immanuel Quickley sets the offense near halfcourt wearing blue Knicks uniform
Immanuel Quickley sets the offense near halfcourt wearing blue Knicks uniform

After taking the league by storm earlier this season, things haven't been coming as easily for Knicks rookie Immanuel Quickley lately.

He has struggled with his shot over the last few games, with his trademark floater deserting him and his perimeter shooting looking off.

Quickley has also seen his time on the floor drop significantly over the last two games.

He played just 13 minutes during the Knicks' loss to the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday after playing only nine minutes this past Sunday against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

At practice on Wednesday, head coach Tom Thibodeau was asked if he can help Quickley through his funk.

"The second time through in the league they’re going to play him differently," Thibodeau told reporters via Zoom. "The game tells you what to do. If you’re being double-teamed just make the right play. You can score effectively, you can pass effectively. Just help the team in any way that you can. So that’s what I want him to focus in on.

"Some teams have put size on him, some teams have trapped him. He can play on the ball, he can play off the ball. Just keep working at the game, study, improve, help the team any way you can."

Asked how he feels 32 games into his first season, Quickley said he's holding up well.

"We got like three college seasons in a whole NBA season," he said. "It’s kind of crazy. It feels like just yesterday we were at training camp but now we’re so far along but have so much more to go. It is kind of crazy. My body feels good, though. It’s holding up good. Just taking all the tips the vets are giving, taking care of my body. I’m enjoying it and having a lot of fun."

As far as the more aggressive approach teams are taking with him when he has the ball on the perimeter, Quickley said he's noticed it a little bit.

"Teams are starting to scout me," he said. "Coach Thibs told me teams are starting to scout me so I got to continue to extend my game and get better, continue to watch film and get better, find ways to help my team -- not only offensively, but defensively. Little things like that. But obviously teams are taking a little bit of notice and I’ll continue to work hard."