The best kitchen organization tips and tools for getting you gourmet ready

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Set of storage organizer for kitchen use
Set of storage organizer for kitchen use

People say you should never trust a skinny chef, and maybe that’s true, but we say you shouldn’t trust a chef with a messy kitchen. While each kitchen is as diverse as the family cooking in it, keeping your cooking space organized should be a top priority.

Not only is it vital for good hygiene and preventing food contamination and illness, it also helps with boosting your cooking confidence, preventing over or under-stocking your pantry, keeping pests away, minimizing waste, and inspiring your inner master chef. Organizing cooking utensils, favorite appliances, crockery, and cookware may seem like a big task, but with the right organizers, it doesn’t have to be. Of course, there’s no one size fits all solution for layouts. While you may cherish pizza nights, someone else may have a baking fetish, while someone else is trying to master sushi-making. But, no matter what type of cook you are, we’ve scoured the market for the top kitchen organizational products in 2022, so let’s get cracking, future Top Chefs!

Top Picks

Best overall: Ordora Kitchen Organization for Cookware

This adjustable pot and pan organizer for the cabinet can keep outstanding balance during use
This adjustable pot and pan organizer for the cabinet can keep outstanding balance during use

Our top kitchen product pick is this eight-tier multipurpose rack. We love that it can be adjusted in three different ways according to whatever you’re storing and the space you have available. Due to their bulky size, pots and pans can be hard to store and difficult to access when they’re all stacked up. This stand allows you to set up a rack matching each pot's height, allowing you to put them away neatly in a cupboard within easy reach. The stand can also be used horizontally for storing baking sheets, cutting boards, and trays. It's easy to clean and won’t rust, helping you keep your cookware in tip-top shape. And, each tier can hold up to 20 lbs.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable tiers with one main frame

  • Rugged iron construction

  • Vertical measurements on both sides: 21.5 inch length x 8 inch width x 16.5 inch height

  • Vertical measurements on one side: 12 inch length x 8 inch width x 16.5 inch height

  • Single side horizontal measurements: 16.5 inch length x 8 inch width x 12 inch height

Great for storing cans: SimpleHouseware Kitchen Organizer

Assembled in a minute and no hardware needed, sturdy construction, chrome finish
Assembled in a minute and no hardware needed, sturdy construction, chrome finish

Store a range of large or small cans in this handy organizer. The unit has three shelves, giving you more vertical pantry space while still keeping everything accessible and safe from tumbling down. This option accommodates up to 36 regular-size cans, and you can use the small plastic dividers for aligning different items including beverages, jam jars, and cling film. Keep in mind you’ll need to keep some extra space open above the rack for placing items on the top shelf.

Key Features:

  • Non-adjustable shelves with adjustable dividers

  • Metal frame design

  • Dimensions: 13.5 inch height x 17 inch length x 13¼ inch width

Perfect for dry foods: Vtopmart Kitchen Organization Containers

No longer messy, you can get everything you want very quickly
No longer messy, you can get everything you want very quickly

Airtight containers are a must in every kitchen. They keep cereal crunchy, cookies crispy, and prevent nuts from going rancid. This expansive set includes tubs in four different sizes. The tallest container is great for holding spaghetti while the other containers are ideal for cookies, crackers, cereal, dried fruit, baking ingredients, and more. And, since the tubs are see-through, you’ll always know exactly how much of each ingredient is left. These containers are also stackable in a space-saving design and you’ll also get 24 reusable labels that you can wipe, clean, peel, and re-stick.

Key Features:

  • Set of 15 containers with side-locking silicone gasket lids

  • Made from durable, food-grade BPA-free plastic

  • 1 x tall container: 2.5 quart

  • 4 x large containers: 1.8 quart

  • 6 x medium containers: 1.5 quart

  • 4 x small containers: 0.7 quart

Great for refrigerators: Hoojo Refrigerator Organizer

Use these clear fridge storage bins make your fridge organized and neat and gain much more space
Use these clear fridge storage bins make your fridge organized and neat and gain much more space

Although designed for use in a freezer or refrigerator, these clear storage bins are great for organizing any kitchen. Being able to see what’s inside these containers, along with the built-in ergonomic handles, makes accessing what you need easy and lets you know when you’re running low. These products are a game-changer for keeping your fridge hygienic, clean, and preventing cross-contamination. And, while these bins are simple to clean with mild soapy water, they should never be placed in the dishwasher. Get an extra set for cleaning supplies, laundry detergents, craft supplies, and office items. There’s no limit to where these can go and no end to their usefulness.

Key Features:

  • Set contains 8 clear fridge organizers

  • Made from shatterproof BPA-free polyethylene

  • Dimensions: 12.5 inch length x 6.3 inch width x 3.5 inch height

Ideal for cutlery: Pipishell Drawer Organizer

It can be used in kitchen, living room, bedroom, and utility room etc. It is suitable for application of multiple items in multiple occasions
It can be used in kitchen, living room, bedroom, and utility room etc. It is suitable for application of multiple items in multiple occasions

This expandable drawer is not only great for organizing a kitchen but can also be used for cosmetics, ties and socks, jewelry, crafts, stationery, screwdrivers, and other small tools. And, with the multiple compartments, you can keep your stuff well organized and clean by giving it an occasional wipedown with a damp cloth. The tray can also expand with an easy sliding motion, fitting your drawer as well as adding two extra compartments when fully opened.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable drawer organizer with six to eight compartments

  • Made from bamboo

  • Dimensions: 12.75 inch length × 17 inch width × 2 inch height

  • Expands to: 22 inch length × 17 inch width × 2 inch height

A buying guide to the ultimate in kitchen organization

Although each person's cooking and organizational style may be unique, there are some basic tips that are useful for everyone. Before you start organizing, you’ll need to declutter and take stock of what you have. This step helps with effectively matching the space available to the items that need to be accommodated.

With great kitchen organizers like containers, stands, and shelving, you can adapt unused vertical space into functional storage areas. And, this guide will help you maximize accessibility without losing any aesthetic appeal. We’ve listed some of the most important considerations for choosing high-quality kitchen accessories below.

Categorize for functionality

Consumables, non-consumables, cooking, cleaning, and preparation are common kitchen zones. Separating these areas makes categorizing and storing items much simpler, providing greater ease of use and promoting hassle-free cooking. In your own kitchen, you may also want to identify additional categories like pet supplies, laundry, baking, or a serving area.

The best way to go about organizing a kitchen is storing similar items together, keeping items used together close by each other. Once you’ve decluttered your kitchen and tossed out any expired items or stuff you don’t use, you can start grouping consumables and non-consumables into categories. This involves grouping all your spices together, piling baking supplies together, grouping crockery and cutlery into sets, and keeping cleaning supplies and detergent separate.

After doing this, you’ll notice there are some items you use multiple times a day and other items you only use a few times a year. So, if you’re short on kitchen space, try to find an out of the way spot for any items you don’t use often. You can put them in harder-to-reach spots in your kitchen, keeping them safe and saving more convenient spots for all the items you use regularly.

Keep things where you use them

Now that everything is nice and grouped, decide which cabinets, or shelves, are the best place for each category of item. If space allows, try keeping items close to where they’re used. Pots and pans should be near the stove, utensils near the prep area, and coffee or tea items near the water source, kettle, or coffee machine. Items used often are also great for storing at eye level.

Once you’ve designated a specific space for each category of item, it's time to decide on some kitchen containers and holders.


We all know that many food items go bad because they’re hidden in the back of the refrigerator or cupboard and forgotten about…until it's too late. Arrange consumables in a way that keeps them visible. You won’t be able to keep everything in the front row, but storing similar items like sauce mixes and soup packets together, in clear containers, prevents them from getting lost in the back. Using stackable designs is another great way for utilizing your space well and maintaining a clear view of what’s in stock.

Using kitchen bins and refrigerator organizers with handles is ideal, you can pull them out quickly and easily. Clear airtight containers, whether they’re glass or plastic, are a must-have for every kitchen. Consumables can spoil much faster due to contact with air. Using clear airtight containers with lids keeps food fresh, and allows you to stack them – all while still being able to see what’s inside. These kinds of containers come in a range of sizes, fitting everything from long spaghetti sticks to cereals.

Items like sauces, vinaigrettes, and condiments are great for keeping in a rotating tray. Again, this prevents you from having to dig around the back of the fridge. They also make it easy to see and access everything. These products can also be handy for spices if you prefer them to a roll-out drawer or a spice rack.

You’ll also want to keep large, heavy items in places that won’t cause strain or add any risk of falling out when you’re handling them. When it comes to pots and pans, opt for a storage rack that allows you to stack your cookware vertically. These can be purchased separately and placed inside a cupboard as a cookware organizer, preventing you from having to place pots and pans inside each other resulting in scratches and damage. And, you can easily store each pot or pan with its lid, so you don’t have to unpack your entire stash of pots to reach one stored at the bottom. You can also keep pot lids on their side on a wire rack.

Keep sets together

I’m sure you’re as convinced as we are that there’s a gremlin stealing your Tupperware lids. There always seems to be more containers than lids. Gremlins or not, the best way to stop this in its tracks is storing your containers with their lids on. You can still place smaller containers inside larger ones, but if this isn’t an option due to space constraints, keep your lids in a box next to the containers so everything stays together. And, if you have containers without lids, either discard them or use them for storing items that don’t need a cover like hot cocoa sachets, baking essences, spreads, or wrapped stock cubes.

Hang it

While horizontal shelf space is generally the first to go, stacking items come next. There is one more way to maximize your organization and the space you have available. Placing hooks beneath your cabinets can easily free up space and is great for hanging mugs. In the same way, a stemware rack can be used for wine glasses. Hooks on the inside of cupboards can be used for hanging measuring cups, or oven mitts, while ceiling or wall racks with hooks can be used for larger items.

An “everything” drawer

We all have an “everything” drawer, the one where any small item without an immediate home gets dumped. This can include anything from old stationary and keyrings to screwdrivers, mail, elastics, and kids' toys. There’s really no limit to these treasure troves of junk.

Drawer dividers are great for cutlery and cooking utensils, but try throwing one into your “everything” drawer and compartmentalize the bits and pieces without a category of their own. If these items do have a home, such as toys or hairbands, put them in their proper place, freeing up some kitchen space for things that actually belong there.

People also asked

Q: Should I store eggs in the refrigerator?

A: Eggs will last longest when stored in the refrigerator in their original carton. Keep them on an inside shelf away from foods with strong odors. The temperature on an inside shelf is more consistent compared to a door shelf, which fluctuates after opening and closing.

Q: Are all Tupperware containers airtight?

A: No, a container is only airtight if the lid fits in a way so that no air can get in or out. This usually requires an additional seal around the lid and flip-lock mechanism, creating a tight closure.