Kindergarten teacher faces backlash over ‘terrible’ off-the-clock behavior

A teacher is wondering if she set a bad example for her students when they caught her drinking wine and swearing while off the clock. She went on Reddit’s "Am I The A******" forum to find out if she had behaved inappropriately. “Last weekend was my 27th birthday. I went to a restaurant with a couple friends... While we were there, two moms come in with their children and are seated behind me,” she stated. “I recognize them as students in my in-person class. They say hi to me and I say hi back, but then don’t interact further”. The teacher had a couple of glasses of wine with her friends and, during dinner, enjoyed a casual conversation that included profanity. She used phrases like “the news is s---” and “it’s too d--- hot to be fall”. “I’m not speaking loudly or anything... One of the moms then comes over to me and reminds me that my students were there,” she wrote. Days later, the mom went to the teacher’s school and reported her to the principal. “She was angry and complained that I was setting a bad example for my students,” she said. Though the principal took the teacher's side, he also suggested that she shouldn’t have drunk alcohol or used foul language that day. Reddit users weighed in. “They can’t expect you to be the teacher 24/7. Teachers are people, too,” one user commented