Sal From ‘Love Is Blind’ Is Bringing His New GF To 'After The Altar'

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Sal From ‘Love Is Blind’ Is Bringing His New GF To 'After The Altar'

Warning: Major Love Is Blind spoilers ahead! Stop reading here if you don't want to know what happens in season 2.

Netflix's dating "experiment" Love Is Blind returned two years later with a shocking second season that brought all the drama, tears, and, of course, the pods!

In the season 2 finale, each of the remaining engaged couples met at the altar to either say "I do" or publicly end their relationship in front of a room full of family and friends. ICYMI, only two couples actually got married, but that doesn't mean some of the others didn't get back together.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been stalking the Love Is Blind cast’s Instagrams relentlessly to figure out what each of the couples is up to now. Have Deepti and Shake rekindled? What about Kyle and Shaina? And how's everyone from season 1 doing, anyway?

The second Love Is Blind reunion answered some of those questions, sure, but sources close to the show also spoke to Women’s Health exclusively about all your favorite on-screen couples and shared which relationships lasted IRL.

Here’s everything you need to know about who stayed together, who remained friends, and who will probably never speak again:

Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Danielle and Nick seemed almost made for each other in the pods, but they hit a few rough patches in Mexico. Even after their fair share of disagreements, this pair successfully tied the knot in an adorable wedding ceremony.

But it didn't last. A few days after the news that Iyanna McNeely And Jarrette Jones were getting a divorce, news broke that season two's other married couple were also separating. On August 21, TMZ revealed that Danielle had filed for divorce.

Before the split, the pair talked candidly about couples therapy. “I think the biggest challenge for us was losing the structure of the show,” Nick shared with Us Weekly. “We quickly realized like, ‘Hey, two months ago, we weren’t married, we were single. Since then, we’ve met and married, we have friends, we have family, everybody—some people know, some people don’t.’

"And so, it’s like, ‘How do you navigate these waters and how do you go from doing whatever you want two months ago to, like, being part of a family?’”

“The couple therapist literally was like, ‘Danielle, you speak French. He speaks German. And when you’re talking to each other, it doesn’t translate. And it takes months, years sometimes, to be able to actually communicate with each other,’” Danielle explained.

Mallory Zapata and Salvador Perez

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Mal and Sal quickly bonded on the show, and not even a love triangle could stop these two from getting engaged. As the season went on, cute picnic dates (and Sal's ukulele) helped them build a deep connection.

During the finale, Sal seemed like he was getting cold feet before the wedding. "I still feel undecided," he said. "But I know that when I'm there and I get to hold Mallory's hands and just voice how I feel, it'll all be okay."

At the altar, Mal was ready to get hitched—but Sal couldn't say "I do." "I feel like I just need more time," he explained to Mallory, who replied, "it's okay."

So, where are they today? “Mallory and I went on a date" after filming ended, Sal told Page Six, "and we felt like we had talked about everything, we felt like we had experienced everything we needed to." He added, “at the end of the day, it just wasn’t there. We respectfully were very civil about it and just parted ways.”

"Since then, we’ve just checked in on each other and I wish her the best, and I have my respect for her, you know, and everything like that. We tried, we were vulnerable with each other and that’s all we can really do," he continued, per Us Weekly.

Now, Sal has a new boo, and he brings her along to the After the Altar special. Jessica Palkovic, or Jessi, is a dancer, actor, and OnlyFans creator who makes a rather dramatic debut with Sal. Towards the end of the episode, Sal also mentions that a proposal could be coming soon... I guess fans will have to wait and see what happens with these two.

As for Mal, there's still no sign of a new relationship on her Instagram (yet).

Natalie Lee and Shayne Jansen

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Natalie and Shayne had their fair share of ups and downs this season. After Shayne picked Natalie over Shaina in the pods, the two bickered over everything from which side of the bed to sleep on to different ways of showing affection for each other. And, the night before their wedding was a disaster, with Shayne calling Natalie the "worst thing" that's ever happened to him.

The next day, while Shayne was all in, Natalie said she couldn't marry him. "I'm so glad that we shared this journey together. I think we've grown a lot, as two people who have fallen in love. I know I've grown a lot because of you," she explained. "I'm really sorry, Shayne. I still love you and you're still my best friend, but like, we have really big issues to sort through."

Later, in a confessional scene, Natalie added, "before our fight, I was 100 percent sure I was going to marry him today. Like, today would have looked so different, but saying that you hate someone, telling someone you're the worst thing that's ever happened to them, those [words] cannot be unintentionally said."

On his part, Shayne said "still love her. Still think she's a good person. But you think I'm actually going to f---ing come back to you after that kind of stuff again?"

Post-filming, Natalie and Shayne did give their relationship another shot. "A week after our wedding, we started dating again," Natalie told People. "Maybe it's not dating—we continued our engagement again. We were together for several months."

“We ended it pretty amicably and we are friends right now,” she explained to Page Six. “I wish him all the best.” The pair did reach out to each other again after the show dropped on Netflix, but Natalie says they're just too different for a relationship to work.

As for Shayne, he wrote on Instagram that “Shaina and I are cordial and have hung out in group gatherings with the cast (with Natalie), but we have never had nor will ever have a romantic relationship. I wish her all the best.”

Shaina Hurley and Kyle Abrams


Shaina and Kyle got engaged despite a few fundamental differences, including their thoughts on religion. But things got messy when Shaina left Mexico without telling Kyle and then admitted she still had feelings for Shayne (yikes).

Kyle has since revealed that he and Shaina "went home together" after filming. They even "went on a date off-camera" to give each other a second chance. But the pair have since gone their separate ways.

“We don’t really talk. We don’t communicate,” Kyle told Us Weekly. “There’s nothing left. I mean, we’re not friends or anything. She doesn’t come out much. That ship has sailed.”

Meanwhile, Shaina got married to contractor Chris Lardakis this summer. "I have found the one whom my soul loves," Shaina captioned a post from their wedding day in July.

While it seemed like Kyle and Shaina wouldn't be running into each other down the line, the two had an awkward reunion during the Love Is Blind: After the Altar special, which will premiere this Friday on Netflix.

According to Kyle, he got to chat with the couple and opted to keep things short and sweet. "I don't even remember what I said," he told People. "I was like, 'This is awkward.'"

Even so, the three of them kept their exchange cordial. "There was no reason to be rude," Kyle added.

Not to mention that he's is rumored to be dating his Love Is Blind co-star Deepti Vempati. “Kyle and I, we are figuring it out,” Deepti told Elite Daily. “Not a lot of people know that we had a really strong connection in the pods.”

Deepti Vempati and Abhishek 'Shake' Chatterjee


Despite all odds, Deeps and Shake got engaged in the pods and shared a serious sense of adventure in Mexico. However, on the day of their wedding, Deepti decided to turn Shake down.

"I hope you know how much you mean to me and the impact you've made on my life, but no, I cannot marry you," she told him. "I deserve somebody who knows for sure. So I'm choosing myself and I'm going to say no."

Later, Deepti said she knew that Shake was "not the one." "If he was, he'd make me feel like I was the one and he never did that," she added. Meanwhile, Shake said he was "upset" with Deepti's decision, but he wanted to rekindle their friendship in the future.

So, have they reconnected? "No," Deepti confirmed to Women's Health. "We're happy. I think it was the right decision for us."

After watching the show, Deepti explained that “some of the things he said were just completely disrespectful, even to a friend," per Page Six. “So, yeah, it’s been tough watching it back but I’m trying to put it in the past and just move forward.”

A few days before the reunion aired, Shake said in an Instagram video that "one thing I don’t feel inclined to do is pretend I’m sad or sorry about certain things—certain things that were out of my control, certain things that I can’t necessarily even speak about."

“I’m just not going to do that. I’m not sorry.”

Not long after the show aired, Deepti was rumored to be dating Kyle. Cohost Vanessa Lachey fully supported their potential romance: “It’s just really beautiful,” she told Us Weekly. "The foundation is the emotional connection and [Deepti] did have a connection with [Kyle]. And then you add in the layers of the physical world and…your families, your friends, your jobs, your background and that actually worked in their favor."

Neither one of them have confirmed it yet, and Deepti told E! News in June that everyone would just have to wait and see. "I can't really say too much about that," she said.

Hopefully, fans of the show will get a glimpse into her relationship with Kyle in her upcoming book, which she announced will drop Sep. 19.

"Find me at my most vulnerable," she wrote.

On the other hand, Shake debuted his new relationship with Emily Wilson on Instagram in March of 2022, per Us Magazine. And things seem to be going well.

Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Iyanna and Jarrette may not have seemed perfect for each other at first (after all, she was his second choice in the pods), but Mexico quickly proved otherwise. While Jarrette still had feelings for Mallory, his connection to Iyanna only grew stronger.

Right before their ceremony, Iyanna explained that trusting Jarrette to change his bachelor ways required a "very, very large leap of faith." Even so, she and Jarrette successfully swapped vows and walked away from the finale married.

But things haven't been all sunshine and roses, and the couple announced on August 17 that they are going through the process of getting divorced.

Iyanna and Jarrette announced the sad news in a joint IG post.

"After much thought, we're saddened to share that we have separated and will begin the process of divorcing," they wrote. "While we have love for each other, our lives are going in different directions, and that's okay."

The couple didn't go into the details of their breakup but they said the decision to part ways had been "far from easy." The couple then thanked their LIB family.

"Each of you have brought overwhelming love and joy into our lives. This experience has taught us so much about ourselves, vulnerability and love," the post continued. "We don't regret a single thing!"

Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton

Photo credit: .
Photo credit: .

Lauren and Cameron were by far the easiest couple to stan. And if you didn't shed a tear during their wedding vows, were you even watching the first season of Love Is Blind? They celebrated their third wedding anniversary back in November, and they're still going strong.

Lauren shared an adorable tribute on Instagram: "A love story I could have only dreamed of… not perfect but perfect for me! ❤️ Cheers to 3 years of Love, marriage and happiness 😘💍❤️ Us against the world forever 👩🏾❤️👨🏻 Happy anniversary baby!"

"They're just adorable," a source close to the show told Women's Health of the happily-married couple. And although Lauren's parents were skeptical up until the wedding, they've reportedly come around in the years since. "Their families love them. They're beautiful humans. And they're truly the essence of Love is Blind," the source added.

And it seems coupons are the key to their lasting love. "If you want to keep your marriage fresh, ladies and gents, make a little love coupon book," Lauren told People.

There were also talks about a Lauren and Cameron spinoff show. "There's definitely discussions," the source said. Production was reportedly looking at similar shows for inspiration. In the meantime, the couple hosts their own Youtube series, Hangin' With the Hamiltons.

"In this channel we are going to talk about everything in our lives, the different elements that make them up," Cameron says in the couple's intro video. "Whether it’s our family, our friends, dinner, drinks, cocktails, you know what I’m talking about."

They'll also be including their dog, Sparks, in the episodes, as well as addressing tougher topics like the challenges of being in an interracial marriage. "We’re just going to talk about it from our realest perspective," Cameron explains.

Lauren said that she and Cameron are thinking about starting a family back in 2021: “I’m not pregnant, let me preface by saying, however, we do have a little fur baby,” she told Us Weekly. “So, he’s our child for now and our work is our child.”

And they're still "cherishing" date nights with each other.

Amber Pike and Matt Barnett

Photo credit: .
Photo credit: .

Despite having cold feet on their wedding day, both Amber and Matt (a.k.a. Barnett) chose to say "I do." But how did these two make out IRL?

According to the source, they're still together and very happily married. "Although they did have a brief moment—not so much a breakup—but a moment where they were like 'Should we really be married? Is this going the right way?'"

But the two managed to work things out, and Amber has reportedly changed her last name to Barnett.

Amber even marked their third wedding anniversary with an adorable video on Instagram back in November. She wrote, "but seriously, Happy Anniversary to my Love @barnettisblind . This third year was definitely charmed, and judging by the pics I’d say we’ve got this kissing thing down pat! If it’s cool with you though I’d like to keep practicing 😘."

The two look more in love than ever lately and post tons of snaps from their adventures on their Instagrams. One pic from last summer even shows them on a double date with Lauren and Cameron at Universal Studios Hollywood (aw!).

Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas

Photo credit: .
Photo credit: .

Have you ever seen the movie He’s Just Not That Into You? Clearly, Mark hasn’t. His relationship with Jessica was off the entire show, from the pods to the day he (and only he) said, "I do."

"He was always far more committed to her than she ever was to him," the Love Is Blind source told Women's Health, which is obviously true having watched the finale. According to the source, Jessica "really struggled with the Barnett storyline."

But since filming, both Jessica and Mark bounced back with new Instagram official relationships.

Jessica and her partner, Benjamin McGrath, MD, got engaged in September of 2021. "I don't think it has quite sunk in, but I'm definitely floating somewhere on cloud nine," Jessica told People at the time. "It's been really, really exciting!" FYI, McGrath is a foot and ankle surgeon as well as a dad, according to his Instagram bio.

Mark, on the other hand, went through a relationship whirlwind since the show ended. According to People, he was dating Lauren "LC" Chamblin, another cast member from Love Is Blind, in May and June 2020. But the two broke it off when Mark was caught cheating through a Reddit post LC found titled, "My close friend's co-worker is dating Mark!!"

Jessica responded to an E! News Instagram post about Mark's relationship with LC, responding to a commenter that Mark has a history of cheating. "Mark was sleeping with multiple women at the studio he trained at during the show. Maybe show those interviews with his workers next time @Netflix," one commenter wrote. Jessica hopped in to reply, "Wow. News to me. I only knew about one."

Since the cheating scandal, Mark has settled down with Aubrey Rainey, and it looks like celebrations are in order. On Instagram, Mark announced that him and Aubrey are officially "Mr & Mrs 💍🍾."

The two got engaged in Nov. 2020 and welcomed their second son, Axton, on Feb. 3, 2022.

They also have a YouTube channel together called Catching up with The Cuevas', in case you're curious.

Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes

Photo credit: .
Photo credit: .

Surprise, surprise—one of the most stable couples throughout the entire show didn't actually end up together (😱). If you've seen the final episode, then you know Kenny said yes to forever and Kelly said no, leaving him stranded at the altar to give a beautiful, yet awkward, speech to his family and friends.

But according to the former couple, they never *actually* planned on getting married. In an interview with ET, Kelly and Kenny said they mutually decided to say "I don’t" before the wedding. "What’s not shown is that she and I had conversations multiple times," Kenny said, noting that cameras were there. Those conversations just never made it onto the show (hmmm...).

"We were adamantly not going to get married. That was never something that we were going to do," Kenny explained. He added that the two really viewed the whole experience as an "experiment," and they were "just doing the best to follow along with it."

Since then, both Kenny and Kelly have moved on. In fact, Kenny recently got married. He posted a photo on Instagram from their April wedding. "Next Saturday, I get to marry my best friend," he wrote. "Alex and I have been overwhelmed by the love and support during our engagement."

Unlike Kenny and Kelly's romance, Kenny and his new beau didn't meet through reality television, but rather the old-fashioned way—through a mutual friend. Or in this case, Kenny's sister, per People.

The two had been dating a little over a year before he proposal, and Kenny told People he knew she was the one after a summer trip to Lake Gaston. "We talked for at least six hours and ended up falling asleep on the couch upstairs. It was then that I knew we were on the same page and that we were meant to be." Congrats, Kenny!

As for Kelly, it looks like she's single right now and focusing on herself and her career as a mindset coach.

Giannina Gibelli (Gigi) and Damian Powers

Photo credit: .
Photo credit: .

Tbh, Gigi and Damian's relationship was super volatile throughout the season (they may have even given The Bachelor's Peter and Victoria F. a run for their money...). But according to the show's source, everyone close to the show assumed they'd both say yes on their wedding day. Instead, Damian told Gigi she wasn't "all in" during most of their relationship, and the two ended it on camera.

Apparently, things changed after the finale. "Once the cameras went away, they ended up regrouping and talking and [now] they're like 'We love each other; we just don't need to be married right away,'" the source said. A year and half after the show originally filmed, Gigi and Damian were reportedly dating again. The couple confirmed this on the reunion episode.

And according to an interview with ET, the couple only stayed broken up for a few hours(!!). "After the wedding, I felt like we weren't done. There was still some unfinished business. So I reached out to him a couple hours afterwards," Gigi said. "I was just like 'I need to know what happened.'"

But in 2021, the two officially split (for good, this time). “It was a lot to process and it was a very long breakup,” Gigi told Entertainment Tonight back in August.

Now, Gigi is dating Bachelorette alum Blake Horstmann, People confirmed. "They're taking things slow," a source said. "But [they] seem really happy together." Oh, and she's currently rocking brunette locks:

As for Damian, he and Too Hot To Handle star Francesca Farago were apparently together for a short time. After Damian brought Francesca as his date to the Love Is Blind reunion, Francesca later said they were “getting to know each other slowly,” per Us Weekly. Since then, the two have denied all dating rumors, and Damian seems to be living the single life over on his Instagram.

Carlton Morton and Diamond Jack

Photo credit: .
Photo credit: .

Carlton and Diamond's breakup was tragic. These two didn't make it past Mexico after Carlton revealed to Diamond that he was bisexual and had previously been in relationships with men. Eventually, everything came to a head with one explosive fight filled with every four-letter word you can imagine.

The two haven't done much talking after the show. But the source said that they suggested that they both start speaking again, considering that the show would debut soon and they might have to do interviews together. "So they're talking now, and they're cordial and friendly, which is really nice," the source said.

Still, the reunion episode left fans confused about whether or not the couple was giving their relationship another shot when Carlton got down on one knee to propose friendship (???) to his ex-fiancé — with his original engagement ring.

"I want to get down on one knee and just apologize again at eye level," Carlton told Diamond at the time. "And I hope that you take this ring again as a significant piece of our friendship and the start of something beautiful without any type of plan."

"I do accept your apology, and I forgive you," Diamond replied.

While the ex-couple seemed to patch things up at the reunion and even seemed to be open to the possibility of rekindling their romantic relationship, Diamond and Carlton are currently not in touch. "They are no longer speaking and, at this moment in time, aren’t even cordial," a friend of the ex-couple told Women's Health.

Now, Carlton seems to be happily single. According to his Instagram, he has "big things coming!" and can't wait to watch Love Is Blind season 2 (which, same).

Diamond is also currently single. But both Diamond and Carlton spoke to Women's Health this year and reflected on the now infamous fight—detailing what coming out or having someone come out to you on television was really like, how to be a better ally, and what both of them would have done differently.

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