‘Kimmel’ Host Desus Nice Says CDC Moved From the ‘Pandemic’ Phase to the ‘F– It’ Phase (Video)

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The landmark pandemic moments the nation was tensely awaiting so long ago pass by, one after another, with relative ease these days.

Indeed, last week’s announcement by the CDC — that it was quashing its quarantine recommendation for Americans who are exposed to COVID-19 — seemed relatively routine.

Desus Nice, who on Monday night guest hosted “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” put it another way in his monologue.

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“It’s good to see Biden is bouncing back from COVID,” Nice said, setting up his joke on the matter. “Because according to new guidelines from the CDC — we no longer have to quarantine anymore if we’ve been exposed to the virus.

“That’s right. We’re moving from the ‘pandemic’ phase to the “f— it” phase.”

Nice then broke it down in personal terms many Americans can relate to.

“I’m actually kinda mad about this because the CDC just took away our best excuse to get out of work,” Nice said. “Hey a guy coughed on me on the L train, and I gotta take the rest of the month off — out of an abundance of caution.”

Watch the entire “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” monologue at the top of this post.

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